Love: A Fleeting Feeling or Everlasting Connection?

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They say love is a fleeting feeling.

Who is THEY you say?

Them people.   Of the male species.

I decided to explore the thought from my heart.

I hear it, but what I FEEL is different.

Now love could be a fleeting feeling for many because people give it, then call it back to their own heart I suppose.

But for me and this house that was built on the foundation of God, love is not a fleeting feeling for me. It’s an emotion, an amazing feeling and abundant action that multiplies everything for my good, the good of whomever I’m in a relationship with and those around me.

I am an embodiment of LOVE. So much so that I once trained myself to stop attaching my love to people who sought to hurt me.  I used to love people so much that it hurt me, to stop loving them. Even when they hurt me time and time again, it took me months and years to stop crying and get over the hurt. I was hurting from what I thought to be a missing/lost connection.

Many lessons learned from such behavior, that now feels like a waste of time. Although of course, with learned lessons comes WISDOM; as God works everything to the good of those who love him.

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In order for the love I have for a person to leave my soul of to be covered up enough/blocked enough to never FEEL love for them again or to even break the belief that I love/loved them I felt like I first had to make a decision to stop doing so, and then move my actions in alignment with that.

Each time it became easier to do. I went from crying for months over a break-up that I took action on, to hopping in another relationship, experiencing another breakup (by my own choice), waiting for the person to wake up and see my way for months or years, to healing and realizing I had the power within me to make my relationships great.

I made a decision to be more attractive to better men thereforeby being attracted to better men.

I used to be the chick who would teach men a lesson about playing with women. I am no longer that woman. Let someone else do it. I’d rather just be ME.  In this way, I released my EGO.  It feels so good to stop edging God out.  Now there is more space in my heart for him to reside in.

I still have my EGO. But it’s focused on more important things. I stopped acting like I didn’t know that GOD GOT ME. He has the hard stuff. I am focused on my JOY.


I’ve undergone a spiritual shift and has chose to prioritize my own well-being and inner peace rather than trying to control or change others.

Anyways, love is a very real thing for me. It’s such a dope feeling.  I love to experience it. For me I’ve learned that’s where it’s at, and to go with it and appreciate it.

Appreciate it by keeping the man happy who can makes me feel it, by deeply appreciating the love I have for myself, in a way that brings pleasure to us both.

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Now here is the truth about LOVE and whether it’s fleeting or not.

Love can be both a fleeting feeling and something that can be maintained. It depends on the individuals involved and the nature of their relationship.

The initial stage of falling in love is often characterized by intense emotions and a sense of euphoria. This passionate and exciting phase may be considered fleeting because it is typically fueled by novelty and infatuation. However, as time goes on, the initial intensity of these feelings tends to diminish. Yet for special souls who meet their soulmates, that feeling of intense love can go on forever. For some  empathic souls, you find it difficult or nearly impossible to rid yourself of that love.

When it comes to real soulmate love, you can go from seeing someone at a club or somewhere and knowing right away, that’s YOUR TYPE of vibe to Having a Timeless Bond with them, that you never want to let go of.

Love: A Fleeting Feeling or Everlasting Connection?

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Maintaining love beyond the initial stages requires effort, commitment, and communication from both partners. It involves building a strong foundation of trust, respect, and mutual understanding. Love can evolve into a deeper, more mature connection that is based on shared experiences, emotional support, and a sense of companionship. This type of love requires ongoing nurturing and dedication.

While the intense feelings of infatuation may/can fade over time, it doesn’t mean that love itself disappears. Love can transform into a more stable and long-lasting, deeply emotional bond, which can be sustained throughout a lifetime. However, it is important to note that maintaining love is a continuous process that requires active participation from both partners.