Life Coaching thoughts

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Becoming a life coach has to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. And the crazy thing about it is actually helping people is the easiest part. 

We’re all gifted. All talented. Able to do amazing things… When we set our minds to it, and focus on what needs to be done.  Life coaching is a very natural thing for me.  I realized early on that I’m a Master Life Coach. There is no one particular area that I can help you with. I can help you fix your whole entire life. 

But in the life coaching world they say that’s not niched enough. So I’ve spent months, maybe even a whole year trying to figure out a niche. 

Who do I want to help?  Are they male, are they female, are they black or are they white? Why do I have to choose?  Why can’t it just be people?

I was right, but I was ohhhh so wrong. See when I entered the life coaching world I had no desire to be like anyone else. I always show up different. So I titled myself a Dream Activator, because that is truly what I do best. I take your dreams and amplify them.  As a Prophetess I am able to not only see a vision on my own future life, which has lead me here, but I can also see the futures of my clients. Which is why I’m able to align them to their purpose. 

But back to this niche though. I recently started attracting a new breed of clientele.  Some of the most powerful female life coaches on the planet. And when I say powerful, I mean people who are at the top of the top of their fields. They stand out. They are beautiful, brilliant, warm, and quite masterful when it comes to social media. 

They don’t even need me to teach them how to use social media. They already know how to make loads of money from it, just like I do. Some of them are millionaires, and some walking into their millionaire season. 

I understand these amazing women with ease. But this whole time I’ve been telling people that I can teach them how to brand and get social media followers. Which is a lot of work.  Also not the work my soulmate clients need from me. 

My soulmate clients need me to help them gain clarity and help them remember why they came to earth. They hire me to help them step into the highest version of themselves. 

Yeah, that part. The part where I admit that I work in woo woo land, and that my work is totally spiritual. 

And I totally know what I’m doing… My clients leave me some of the most raving reviews the life coaching world has ever seen.  I’m obviously great at my job. 

But, of course there’s a but…. But, WOW. Is this what God had planned for my life?

I am humbled by God’s blessing over my life and the gifting I’m anointed with. 

Do you ever wonder what God has for you? Have you answered the call?