People often ask me how I find blog content. I laugh. Blogging is one of the easiest things in life for me to do.. I’ll give you 2 reason why. 

  1. When I blog for my crime blog I simply write about whatever story is interesting to me. Because it’s interesting to me and I’ve build my blog off of what I am interested in, my followers quite naturally like whatever story I post. 

    I also wrote crime despite everyone deeming it negative.. I also sent the crime stories viral.. Nowdays every celebrity blogger posts crime, because they say Kissy doing it and winning. 
  2.  But you’re here on my other blog that’s about love, life, success, relationships, manifesting and business. Once again, I’m simply writing about whatever I feel like.   I’m not worried about whether people will like it to not. I know my writing is pretty dope.  Therefore there is no pressure on me to write. I even write in a certain manner so therefore I’m not looking at the words trying to make it seem like I spent 22 years in college, just to be impressive to others. I generally only care about helping people and making things as easy on them as possible.  I’m also writing about my passions, which means discussing these things are effortless. 

    Anyway, now you know how to find blog content. Write about whatever you feel like! 

    Oh and at the end, you should always have a call to action.. Like here I would invite people to work with me. But I won’t because people who want to work with me already know how to contact me… (At the moment) But let’s remove the ego and think about random traffic that may come from Google.. Place a link here and an offer to work with you, or instruct your audience to share your post.