Lessons Learned From Madame C.J. Walker Netflix Series

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Took some time out to watch Netflix and chill by myself.  Saw everyone online discussing Madame C.J. Walker.

Here are my thoughts of lessons you should take from the series.


Episode 1 

  • Be careful who you decide to help. That may bite you.  My abusive ex used to say “Stop trying to wake sleeping giants up. Sometimes when you wake them up,  they bite you.”  This has been true so many times in the past when I’ve lifted people up. There are reasons that people won’t help those who seem to have shine, and it’s because they know if they do, they are only creating competition for themselves.   While I don’t believe in competition, I couldn’t tell you how many people want to be me and try to copy everything I do.   It’s a lot to deal with when all you want to do is fulfill your purpose and change the world. 
  • When someone tries to pay you back for your kindness, let them.
  • Watch how you talk to people.
  • Believe in people. Had she believed in Madame Walker they would’ve been millionaires TOGETHER. 
  • You can’t be friends with people who want to be you. That’s why Andre Harrell fired Puffy. 
  • As a black woman, when you are doing something different or enlightening,  there is a high chance other black women and men will  copy you. You are the only light they see. Therefore your idea, now becomes their idea.  Not to say this doesn’t happen with non-blacks, because it’s does. But when you’re black, there are only so few lights that people of your same race have access to and can identify with. It’s not really a crab in a bucket. It’s more like a grabbing at the light. They just want to make it out, and pulling at you seems like the right way to go.  I’ve literally seen a married women who was a doctor copy me and go at my throat for no reason other than the fact that I was winning, and my winning angered them, because they wanted to be me.  (The single woman with the high school diploma… Imagine that.. Someone went to school for 7 years, became a doctor, got married, and here they are mad at you a single woman with a high school diploma, because she’s using her gifts to change the world.) 
  • In other worlds it could be something as simple as cheerleading… Next thing you know some woman and another cheerleader’s mother are beefing cause one is trying to take the other’s place… People are crawwwzy when they get UNFOCUSED on their OWN mission.


Episode 2.3,4

  • Not including your man is emasculating.  Interrupting him while he’s speaking is emasculating.  A man absolutely can not feel that he is walking behind you. Either give him a position that allows him to lead, or let him go. You must also never make a man feel like he can’t please you. Black women must be taught femininity, in order to have healthy relationships.  A man is going to get his RESPECT one way or another. 
  •  Women love a man when he’s with another woman. Especially when he has money, cause you’ve now built him up to a place where SHE can easily respect him.
  • Always take a man or someone else with you to business meetings. Do not think you are a man.
  • Anyone who says MY, MY, MY all of the time, does not understand HOW to be in a relationship. If you are working together in a company it’s a WE thing. A relationship is a WE thing; not a me, me, me, me, thing. 
  • When you want a man to do something, you don’t order him around. You encourage him.
  • Even though you are a boss chick, don’t forget to have FUN, spending time with your husband, family and friends is important.  If you neglect your man’s needs, that gives him room for another woman to appease him.  Therefore if you’re busy, make sure your man is busy on his business.   Men should also spend time with their mates and take care of their health. 
  • The only way to keep a man is to be with a man who wants to be kept.

The good lessons

  1. Never give up

  2. Sh*t happens. That’s not a sign to stop. Keep going.
  3. Your network is your networth. NETWORK.
  4. Have faith and keep believing in the vision. 
  5. When life doesn’t give you what you want, you have to get up and take that sh*t. That doesn’t mean you have to steal or trample over other people. It means you must stand tall and be bold. You must PUSH and make sh*t happen sometimes. 
  6. When women work together, instead of competing, BEAUTIFUL things happen. There is room for all of us.  I’ve always believed this and have tried to show other women the way.  I don’t care how beautiful or successful a woman is. I don’t care if she’s in a higher position than me. I will still love her, and support her advancements without trying to copy her or wanting to be her. Never try to destroy other women.  You dim your own light in the process.  
  7. If you don’t support your woman’s dreams, another man will see her brilliance.  (Always keep a good man by your side, even if you’re not sleeping with him.)
  8. A woman should never look up to a man just because she feels he’s in a bigger, better, or more prosperous position in life.  Let me tell you a story about that. 

Many years ago I looked up to a millionaire.  I thought he would teach me how to become a millionaire. But it was I instead who taught him how to build a 7 Figure blog.. Actually I didn’t teach him how. I BUILT IT. I built it, branded him, and wrote it. I watched how my articles on his site would be shared because of HIS NAME and who women looked at him as.  Heck, I even built up his Facebook audience and taught him the mindset behind it. 

I would see how people would ignore those same articles written by me, on my on blog.  I watched how his blog literally made 7 Figures in a year. 

Then I understood people’s mindsets and how it’s not knowledge that they often crave, but they crave to be connected to wealthy people and popular people.   Which is why only so few people actually gain real transformational knowledge. 

That man couldn’t teach me how to be wealthy, because he had hustled his way there.  But at the time, I was broke, barely able to afford the rent. 

I woke up that year, owned my power and finally walked past the 6 figure mark several times over.  He would later start stealing my blogs and really trying to take advantage of me.  Till this day he still watches everything that I do.  He has millions of followers. 

But people’s mindset would believe he has the knowledge. It is I who has the knowledge.  See people have always listened to me and followed me. But I wasn’t valuing myself. 

That’s a little of my story. All of the glory is in owning your power. 

P.S. Madame C.J. Walker did become rich, but she died an early death, because her wealth was unrighteous. Karma always comes one way or another. Often times, it’s your health. 

My abusive ex-boyfriend died two years ago… His health wasn’t that great. It took a turn for the worse after I left him. After he didn’t have a woman he no longer needed to be worthy of.  He went and got a woman who wasn’t a healer, didn’t have a business mind, didn’t mind him drinking all the time, didn’t mind his excuses as to why he couldn’t do better…. And the 6 figure company that I helped him build is now over with. He has no legacy.  He never did become the millionaire he wanted to be, because he played with the wrong woman.  

Sometimes men need strong women and have to learn how to deal with them and get along with them.   

And men, darling, it’s never wise to cross a Queen with another woman. She won’t be jealous. She will simply dismiss you forever, without turning back.  Disloyalty is something you’ll never come back from. 

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