Grant Cardone Exposed & Dragged After Allegedly Firing 80 Employees Without Pay

Covid-19 is causing the sh*t to hit the fan.  I actually try not to keep up with other people’s business, but you can’t miss the Grant Cardone story right now.  Dozens of marketers are going in on him. 

A few days ago someone showed me a Grant Cardone ad in Vegas where Cardone was bragging that unlike other marketers that he actually does own a private jet. 

I said nothing.  After all, everyone knows Grant actually does own a private jet. 

Now just a few days later, news has rapidly spread that on March 19, Grant Cardone allegedly fired 80 Employees from his company. 

Now the top markers are going in on Grant. 


Grant says that he fired 40 people WITH PAY.


Personally, I kind of hate to see everyone go in on Grant, as if he hasn’t contributed massively in motivating millions of people to go after their dreams and goals. 

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