Keep men on clocks so they won’t waste your time

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Most men will treat you basic… But remember that he will be impressed with some woman. THAT is the woman for him. A man is NOT the one for you, unless he’s impressed with you. The process of him laying eyes on you to falling for you, takes 6 months or less.

After that he’s simply dating multiple women, getting bored and coming back to you, because you’re still there and you will do. Even if he suddenly says you will do, that isn’t the deep love connection you seek. It’s a basic relationship. What your soul seeks is a beautiful relationship with a divine King…. The one who was meant specifically for you. 

So many men will literally take almost any woman. Especially when he’s not on his purpose. Such a man doesn’t hold a very high value of himself. He will take the “will do for now woman,” until he improves his life and starts to see himself in a better light.  Then suddenly he will awaken and realize that he can do better.  He is better and feels better, so now he has the confidence and finances to get a better woman.

One of the best things a woman can do for herself when she meets a man, is to listen to him, and analyze how he feels about himself. See where he plans on being 5-years from now. Look at what he’s doing right now.  Will he fit into your life later? Will you fit into his? Is he including you in his FUTURE plans?

Everyone changes over the years, but there is no injustice like a man who can’t see himself, who is helped up by a boss chick, and suddenly sees the light. At times he almost can’t even deal with himself, seeing how he had to be dragged into prosperity, by a woman.  He’ll be disgusted at his own lack of strength, and flee from her. You’ll find him over to the arms of another woman, who never saw the old, weak, dark version of him. She sees him as the man he is now. Chances are she’s not a boss chick, but she wants to be one.

When you look at a man’s future, really weigh out if he’s worth the investment of your mind, body and soul; in addition to the sacrifice of your time. Time that you’ll never get back.  

Women sacrifice a lot for men. Take note of  how you fit into his life. Even if he is worth it, or worth the wait, you’re a Queen, there really is no need to wait. A line full of men want you.   Their energy is most certainly better than a confused man’s energy.  Confused men drain you of your energy and will have you just as confused. Truthfully men are simple. They weren’t aren’t confused. If he wants to be with you he’ll commit to you. If not he’s out dating behind your back, waiting to meet the right one.

As women, It’s important that you put yourself and your needs first. When you are with your King, you are automatically going to please him. That’s not even a factor when you’re a dream woman. What you need is to factor in what is he doing for you.

No matter what you think, a man spends his time and money on a woman he’s into. He consistently communicates with her. He will always keep his eye on you, even if from a slight distance. A man who has found his Queen, DOES things to show her that he is worthy and deserving of her love.  If you’re chasing him, and having to convince him, it’s time to back up a bit, and open space for a new man.

No matter what you think, a man vigorously pursues a woman when he’s found the one. WHY? Because he’s been searching already and grown tired. He’s relieved when he finally finds the one or happens to unexpectedly come across a woman who suddenly make his heart beat. Of course he’s not going to let her slip by. Of course he’s not going to leave you on the side idle, so other men can woo you. Men are competitive Sis. He is going to go for his! Trust that. 😂 No amount of intimidation will stop him.  If he wants you, he’s going to send the other men you’re dating, packing. 

As women we often create these fantasies in our heads with men, without taking into account how he’s treating you.

When we see a man we want,  suddenly we’re like praying for a miracle.

I can just hear a comedian on stage now talking about:  “B*tches love miracles.” 😂

Time is of the essence in dating and relationships. You must know how long you’re willing to be on the ride. Get on the ride. Enjoy it. Have fun. Try it out. Learn something new about yourself. Get more healing. Learn how to love more. Appreciate the lessons they are teaching you. 

But when the last minute hits and he hasn’t made the proper move towards you, you gotta let that go. Do not restart the clock for him. At that point it’s engagement ring or better. You’ve already given him a chance to decide.  Opening up space more for an indecisive man, is more time you’re going to go being treated as less than a Queen. (May be a sign of your own indecisiveness in other areas of your life.)

Being treated as less than does not feel good. It irritates a Queen’s soul.

She wants to run. So if you put up with it for too long, it’s often a blaring  sign of needing more self love.  It’s a sign that you need tighter boundaries on your own patience and empathy…. (Empaths tend to put others first because you understand them and the reasons they may be doing things or acting a certain way. You want to give everyone a fair chance. Your mind will literally keep coming up with legit reasons why someone isn’t treating you the way you desire.  Opt out, and go back to Plan A. Calling In Your King. You did not set out to call in a Prince who has you waiting. )

If you are playing the game of WAITING TO BE PICKED, know that you’re doing it for a purpose and note that purpose. Just don’t forget about the clock.  When you drop an indecisive man, this frees up time for you to pour more love into yourself.  (An indecisive man doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t love yourself, but it does mean you’ve let the clock go too long.) An indecisive man will have you in pick me energy. A high value, healed  woman will become disinterested with a man who doesn’t chase properly. Inconsistency also makes a high value woman bored with men. His presence will prove to be less pleasurable than that of other gentlemen. He’s not even entertaining to her, because she’s seen this behavior too many times before. 

A man who does not treat you like a Queen, will cause you to feel less then after a while. He’ll confuse you, and eventually bore you. Understand that men don’t have ticking clocks, because they see beautiful women everywhere. In their mind there is always the next one, and the next one, and the next one. It’s how they stay on the dating merry-go-round. A woman has to know when to get off.  A man may be 55-years-old before he finally arrives at the point where he DECIDES he’s looking for a wife. So either he wants a wife and you’re it, or you’re not. That breaks it down to the simplest format.

It doesn’t matter what he wants. It’s about what you want. You want a man who fully loves you and adores you. You absolutely do not want the man who can take you or leave you. You want the one who can’t live without you. 

When you’re in a relationship with a man who adores you, it’s so much fun. They take you places. They love to show you off. They’re affectionate. They say beautiful things to you that connect deeply to your heart. They love to surprise you. They love to protect you. He loves to treat you like a Queen.  You will wonder where has he been all of your life. It feels so good when you’re with a man who pours his heart and soul into you. You can see his love for you in his eyes. They sparkle. He becomes so happy to serve you and do for you. Sometimes he tells himself that he would do anything for you. He literally looks forward to spending the rest of his life with you.

When you see other women in relationships looking tired, drained, and can barely get up in the morning, it’s because they committed to a man who didn’t have the divine King codes to her soul. The man for you knows you, because you are of him. He shows up ready to step to the plate. He knows how to make you happy.  (Yes, you are responsible for your own happiness. but if you’re with a man who doesn’t make you happy, you’re in a basic relationship. Good Men make their woman happy. Stop listening to society and being in denial.) It’s his hearts desire.  If not you’re simply entertaining another woman’s man, until the real Queen of his heart shows up.

What I’m really telling you is that when a man is the one for you, he doesn’t make you feel insecure. The man for you comes to grow and prosper you.  If we really kept things that simple, a lot of men would be eliminated from the jump.  Which is why gold diggers win. They only deal with men who provide and put energy into them. 

Other women wear their hearts on their sleeves, sit there patient, hoping to get picked.  That’s not how this goes. YOU pick the man because he delights you. Not the other way around. 

But hey, women are hard headed and silly sometimes.  We don’t listen to advice, we don’t listen to our intuition, and we often have an incessant need  to just forge ahead and TRY…  But love isn’t that hard. It’s “I love you and you love me.” It’s chemistry. It’s predestined before meeting.  Then people decide to stay in love.  You can’t force a love connection if it simply isn’t there. That’s what this all boils down to.   A man is going to love the woman he loves. That woman may or may not be you. 

Your time is just as valuable as his.  No, you don’t have all day. None of us have forever in our bodies.  A ticking clock is you valuing and respecting yourself. It’s you continuing to go in the right direction and not getting off your path. 

Keeping a list of the qualities you seek in a man, serve to remind you when you’re on the right track or when you’re headed towards settling for less. The man for you may not check off perfectly with the list, but he will check off on the part of the list that says “Loves me and treats me like a Queen.”

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