A man does not seek love. He seeks to be understood.

I don’t think the average man is meant to be loved. From all of my testing, and research, the men you put the most EFFORT into, hate you, dislike you, fear you, have doubts about you and call you toxic.

But who did those men ABSOLUTELY LOVE? The women who put in the least effort, and mostly said kind WORDS.

I am coming to the conclusion that the average man’s love language is kind words, cooking, a clean home, believing in him and sex. He does not want you yelling at him, saying bad things about him, wanting to change him, or being disappointed in him. To actually LOVE him isn’t a requirement. Without love your emotional responses to him will be more balanced. Therefore you’re rather detached from anything other than the results you want to receive from him. Therefore he will perceive all of that as unconditional love. You don’t care what he does, as long as he gives you what you want. You don’t need to care about his health or anything else. As long as you continue to say kind words, he will FEEL loved.

Men seem to get a lot done in such relationships, because he’s always trying to prove himself and get better and better.

To back this up, the guy who likes you and you may be in a relationship with him, he doesn’t click like on your photos online. But when the next hot girl who he’s never even met or talks to posts, he immediately clicks like.

WHY? Because she isn’t thinking about him. Therefore she is more valuable to him than you are. To the next man, your hot photo is more valuable to him than his wife’s photo. But that doesn’t make sense, so you’ll try to talk yourself out of believing that truth.

I’m not saying that all men are like this, but I believe a great deal of them to be.

Men don’t pick women based upon how much she loves him. He picks based upon the WORDS she says. Men are really simple.