Just because he’s a King, doesn’t mean he’s the man for you

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“Basic rule of a Queen is that a man is a provider 👑

Primary space of provision based on her energy set point: spiritual, emotional and physical provision

If he can’t meet those basic space of provision, he is not a King/fully embodied divine masculine. He’s a basic man who wants feminine energy without proper seeding

A juvenile energy does not have the capacity to even meet the basics yet women give devotional energy hoping for conversion, example you are giving devotional energy because of a “spiritual connection” you put a label on

Other key areas of provision: sexual, intellectual and financial

All realms is grounded and highly organized in the King 👑

When a man is lacking on all realms, he really hasn’t allowed himself to be slayed by God yet

-Nicole Gayle “


Throughout my relationships and many experiences in life and being able to understand people from all different ethnicities, racial and financial backgrounds, I can now speak about Kings from a place of expertise.

I’ve learned in life that there are boys, men, males, andthen there are jokers. There’s also Princes, Kings and God Kings.

Lately I’ve been witnessing God Kings.  God Kings go hard in every category of life including their woman. These men are usually millionaires with great businesses. 

But then you have this other group of men who I can see are gifted and appointed by God. They are abundant and have great, prosperous businesses. They truly go hard in life. But when it comes to their woman, their effort slacks off.

Here’s an example.

“I just can’t get into dating.

It’s a whole thing about what she likes, doesn’t like, what she wants and what she doesn’t want, the food she can can’t eat.

The whole sound of it makes me nauseous just thinking about it.

Plus I would have to do all of that and then find out she’s bat shit crazy? Lol NO THANKS.

You know what I want? EASY. and relationships aren’t easy.”

Many men share this very same thought process. I realize now no matter how nice these men are to women, they actually are not Kings. They are simply successful men who have not finished their process of allowing God deep within their spirit.  

Because they have not done so these men believe that a woman should be easy pickings and have very little value for herself. They usually get that exact woman too. They get a woman who doesn’t ask for much, doesn’t expect much, waits patiently for him to catch on, and then she finally gets frustrated and finds another man who will treat her like a Queen. She usually does this without warning.  These men get cheated on and dogged out by the most basic looking women.  Each time they never seem to realize that they got what they asked for. They wanted a woman who didn’t value herself, so of course she was quick to share herself with the next man. Not to mention these men do so little for their woman, cause they are always focused on money, that it’s so easy for another man to make their woman feel good. 

I think back to my exe’s and they had this sh*t on lock. Another man couldn’t come to me telling me that I’m super beautiful. My man already told me I was the baddest of the baddest. Another man couldn’t buy me something simple, expecting impress me. My man came home with purses, stilettos and fur coats.  Another man couldn’t even offer me good d*ck cause there was no way he was going to compare to what I had at home.  My exe’s covered so many different areas that even rich men at times couldn’t compete with them. Heck they even knew my favorite everything and would surprise me with all types of things. It was amazing how they memorized my likes, wants and needs. Actually it was fascinating. 

Women tend to be crazy about them on a long term basis. 

But my exe’s also were not Kings. I paid my own bills. I also protected and provided for myself.  I never needed those men. My balls were bigger than theirs and they had no respect for my business acumen, or just the whole divinity that I am as a woman.  That’s cool for any other woman, but for me, hell no. No way Kissy Denise is about to be the woman out here being unappreciated with the basic dude, while other women have men who spoil them. There is no point of me pretending that I would be happy with that on a longterm basis.

Now I watch other men and I’m like “WOW! Is that really how you’re rolling in relationships?” These men make me feel better as to why and how I ended up in my past relationships. 

Basic men these days try to make relationships very logical. Everyone is afraid to be hurt, so they have to analyze everything and move very slow. It’s the most boring thing I’ve ever witnessed.  For the first time in my life I see why people cheat so much or date so many people at a time. It’s because they entered into the most logical relationship instead of functioning from their heart.  For functioning from the heart became too dangerous.  They are like “Wait! I have to think this thing out! and just maybe, if I don’t find anyone better then this person will have to do.”  None of them have that magical love connection that lasts.

Yeah, there will be no fairy tale endings with such men. 

As a woman you absolutely can not let him sleep walk you into masculine energy, chasing him, pulling him, trying to get him to be more romantic and see the value inside of you. If basic qualities in a woman are what he wants and you know you are royal Queen supersize with extra bling and jewels, darling he simply isn’t going to appreciate your full package. You will end up reducing yourself to basics to please him. And other men at the office will always treat you better than him.

Basic men belong with basic bishes. Top notch women belong with Kings who adorn them and understand her value. 

If a man is happy walking into a room with a basic chick on his arm, let him do that. Get you a King who loves to make an entrance. 

I know a lot of beautiful, spiritual boss chicks are kind of confused by men. You gotta understand that God created a super man for you. These basic men will never appreciate you. That’s why he’s not willing to do the work. Don’t be mad at him. He’ll do the work when the right woman comes along.