Men seem to have this thing of saying p*ssy isn’t important, these days. 

They want a woman to have A, B, C, D & E and do F, G, L, M, N, O & P for him. 

They say the P isn’t important, yet they want it from a woman, and expect to not provide for her while she’s giving up her body. 

Men don’t even know that having sex with a woman is actually marrying her. Once you have sex with a woman you are responsible for her.

That’s why Jesus asked that woman at the well about all of her husbands. She’d had sex with men who didn’t cover her. 

Not to mention a woman’s vagina literally heals a man’s very soul. It heals him from problems that he didn’t even know he had. 

Most men will go crazy if they are dating a woman and she refuses to have sex with him. Remind him that he said it wasn’t important or that it wasn’t the only thing and he’ll backtrack. 

A lot of men don’t know what they want. It’s super important these days for a woman to not just hand her body out, and to also look for men who are providers. It’s not even because of the money or feeling security anymore. It’s about getting a man with a plan, who understands the importance of having a good woman in his life. 

Men think they have women who want them, yet never look around to notice that it’s not us Goddesses who want them. 

When you have a Kissy Denise who wants you, THEN you’re on to something. But if she’s not messing with you, then you may want to look at  what you could possibly be doing wrong.