How do you know when you’ve met your soulmate?

by | Love & Relationships

This is usually how it happens. You just know. It’s not a lets talk for 6- months and see if we maybe like each other.  Love tends to be a feeling that honestly just swoops in on you fast.
Sometimes you’re dating a someone for a month or two, you’re feeling out their potential, you’re trying to not to get serious with them, but you keep hanging out with them,  and having sex with them; it starts to creep up on you, and then BOOM, one day it just hits you. You’re in love. 
Two years prior to meeting to my ex,  I actually spotted him and said  to myself, “That’s me right there.”  
Before actually meeting him or ever speaking to him, I noticed him in a club.  He stood out, but didn’t talk to me.  I ended up meeting a really cute guy that night.  Glad I didn’t take him serious and ghosted him though. He was nice, but one day, maybe a year later, he somehow found my Facebook fanpages and hit me up on two of them. When I went to his page, he had a longtime girlfriend pregnant…

But back to the story. Two years after that night at the club, I was out to another club again, in the VIP.  This time I didn’t even want to go out, but it was my friend’s birthday. I was so lazy that I actually went to the club in flat sandals and had on a loose fitting top that hid my cleavage.  One of my friends was with me being super drunk.  She got up from her place on the couch next to me to go to the bathroom.  
A few minutes later, the  guy who 2-years prior my soul told me belonged with me,  came and set next to me. Will you believe he had on the exact same shirt from the night I laid eyes on him two years prior. My memory wasn’t set up like that. So know that’s MAJOR to remember the shirt of a random man that I never talked to, inside a nightclub.  He said he was never wearing that shirt again after I told him how I recalled seeing him.

I thought it was destiny, and I’m sure it was despite it not working out.  I did get some healing from being with him.
Another guy this year, I was minding my lil happy business and then BOOM! Something came over me. That’s how this soul connection thing works. Even the soulmate men that  I don’t get romantic with, we tend to like one another right away.  We just click. Conversation flows easily. If I really wanted to like them I could, but sometimes they get friend zoned cause they haven’t worked on some of the pieces of their pie.  
Being friends first works for some. But I’m a firm believe then when you  practice “friendship” type of dating habits, you could potentially be killing the romance.  Sex isn’t enough to keep the connection in such cases. Magnetic sparks, backed by emotional connections that are SPIRITUAL, are what forge strong, unbreakable bonds. The same sparks that experts warn you against. The sparks are only a problem when you have them with people who aren’t on the same page as you. 
When some people feel the sparks, sometimes they fail to receive the message signaling them to get it together because something fabulous could transpire. 

But when two people feel sparks and they are both ready for one another, magic happens. It’s called LOVE.  Sometimes it’s truly spiritual and you’re going to fall in love regardless of it’s that’s part of the plan or not.
Either way, nothing is 100%. Anything can go either way.  However I’d advise you to trust your intuition and go with it, when it pings on someone.  When it pings, ignore your mind that says it’s too fast, too soon, not the right time, or too good to be true. It happens when it happens.