Give your clients transformation by teaching what you’re good at

by | The Journey

Sometimes I wonder if I live in my own little world. Women talk about toxic masculinity, and in my head I’m like “Yeah. I remember having such relationships BEFORE I awakened.”
But once I awakened and healing set in, I immediately started to attract Kings. Even online I meet the most amazing men who straight up do for me. Even when I wasn’t healed I attracted a man online who flew me to Belize on our 2nd date. I generally attract amazing men. Even the bad ones I picked were amazing. I went out a date recently and it was amazing watching the brilliance of that man. Like literally, all I know are amazing men. That seems normal to me at this point.
I’ve been slow to offer too many courses because I really wanted to get into the mindset of people and understand them. I’m all about real transformation. I give all of my clients immediate transformation within an hour of buying into my 1 on 1 consulting. Doesn’t matter if were talking business, branding, confidence or relationships.
I bought a few small courses and overall what I’ve learned is that not many people can really teach you HOW to really transform. You gotta have real power to be able to transform souls. Even my book that’s about to come out is going to change the lives of millions of women and stop their dating patterns.
I’m working on my Goddess course right now, and even that, I realize that people may sell you a course saying they’ll teach you HOW to be a Goddess, but if you check the dictionary the person teaching doesn’t measure up.
It takes a great person to truly teach you how to be great. It takes a person who has jumped leaps and bounds to teach you how to truly heal and walk into the highest version of yourself.
It’s really important that you figure out what you are truly good at, because those people need you to show up. Otherwise they buy into other people who have no idea what they are talking about.
IF you buy into a Goddess course that means you need to start being magnetic AF and attracting both men and women like Kissy. Cause that’s the results my clients get. 
I see so many people selling courses and coaching. But I check their reviews and it’s nothing… Check their fanpage and it’s crickets. REALLY good coaches have at least 3 raving fans.
I see people using mumbo jumbo words that no one outside the circle understands. I don’t speak their way. I speak it my way. Instead of telling you a whole paragraph of words that take you around the bush and further confuse you, I simply come with the truth, so people can get their life back.
I realize people are humans, playing out these storylines, wasting their time. When God told me to wake people up, I truly understand now. My understanding now of why I must show up and why people need me is deeper than it was a week ago.
I hate to see people suffering inside these storylines.