Houston Bride Goes Viral For Twerking At Her Wedding

by | Love & Relationships

A Houston bride recently went viral for twerking at her wedding. (view the video below)

The video of course came with mixed opinions. Those who liked it reflect the brides mindset… Others, you want to like it. In fact, you want to love it.  But the truth of how you feel won’t evade you.

Personally I love LOVE, I love weddings and I enjoy seeing young black men who are smart enough to get married, instead of spending the majority of their lives sowing their wild oats.

Love and marriage is a beautiful thing. However a man must realize that the woman he marries will play a substantial role in his success in all areas of life.

The bride here shows limited thinking of herself and of her husband.  While it doesn’t matter what other people think of you, surely a righteous woman doesn’t want her husband being clowned and laughed at on his wedding day. She makes him look like a little boy who is marrying a thot.. Believe me when I tell you his boys are clowning him.

The bride’s antics are reflective of a stripper.  However many a stripper would not act like this on their wedding day.  Full on prostitutes may not even display such behavior at a wedding.  Something in your life has to be sacred.

Watching the video, I thought to myself ” That’s somethng I would do at a strip club and get paid for it.” Because that’s the proper place to turn men on.

She’s the type who will be on instagram twerking and posting half naked pics trying to keep up with the single girls. But hey, Kim K. does it, so it’s okay, right? She’s the type that will smile when the cable man calls her cute and wants to hit it. Because she craves loads of attention with her body, for FREE. Other women are used to attention and don’t have to work so hard to get it. Especially on your wedding day when you’re already the center of attention. You have to go deep into the psychology of the mind, to understand peoples behavior…

Many will applaud the twerking bride who dressed scantily to twerk for all the men at her own wedding.  She definitely turned a few men on.  A penis or two happily rose in the audience, because she did that! It was cute; just not at a wedding. It’s not a feat for men to want to f*ck you.  That can be done any day of the week, simply by smiling… It’s not hard to do at all.

If you’re okay with this behavior, it would behoove you to stop judging strippers too. 🤷🏼‍♀️ The only difference is they get paid and their husband’s friends aren’t around… Mostly cause they are SINGLE…

These days things aren’t about judging. It’s about telling women the right way to go. Ladies, be a LADY at your wedding. Be a FREAK on your honeymoon.

That is all.