Today is the day that it dawned on me, that there are several ways to become a motivational speaker. Everyone has their own craft and the way they’ll do it best.

But one thing for certain, in order to be the greatest at it, that means you have to get paid for it.

Jay Z & Beyonce are two of the greatest motivational speakers in the world.  They get paid an immensely beautiful amount of money for it.   Their weapon of choice is their music; excuse me, I mean tools of healing vessel is their music.   One wakes up the women, the other wakes up the men.

If you listen to both, maybe you too can be a power couple..

Anyway they’ve been dropping mics for a long time.  Some of you are simply failing students, while others are grade A students.

Personally, I promise from this day forward, to be a better student. 💖💘

Would you like to have an indepth conversation about this?  Join my personal network of fulfilling, relaxing conversations where we can talking about anything you like.  I tend to like talking about IDEAS, therefore my clients are rich.   If they are not rich when I meet them, they most surely quantum leap into BEING it.

I’m not much into talking about what other people are doing. I prefer to stimulate your mind with divine ideas.

When was the last time you received a message from God?

The God within me, invites you in to chat.

What are you waiting for?

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