Deciding To Date The Right Man, By BEING Who God Called You To Be

by | Goddess Activations

I’ve talked about this many times on this blog, but I feel it’s important to speak about it again.

When it comes to men and specifically YOUR man and the man you choose to invest time in, YOU must believe in him like no other.

In many instances, you’ve dedicated years of your time to a relationship with a man who constantly told you no, ignored your pleas, failed to meet your needs and didn’t do what you asked.

You look at him as the culprit, but baby it’s really YOU. 

For some reason you didn’t walk away…..

You stayed and continue to complain. Maybe the relationship was off and on again.

Then one day he started to SLOWLY get better. But now you’ve grown tired of not having what you desire. You figure it’s best to break up with him and get a new man who wants to serve you or spend time by yourself providing for your own needs.

The thing here is if you stay, you have to believe in a man’s capabilities to deliver to you. So many shifts and transformations take place in relationships.  But often when people shift, you may still be focused on who they were in the past, because they are still not delivering to you all of the important things you desire in a relationship.

But the other person, usually the man will constantly say that he’s changed and you need to leave the past behind.  

In a way he’s right.  You must move forward and judge him for who he is showing up as TODAY.

Either he’s giving you all of what you want TODAY, or you stop complaining and believe in his ability to figure it out and get right with you.    That’s what you call, dating based upon POTENTIAL. It’s a no no most times, but exactly what men want you to do for them.

Most men feel as though they are WHOLE.  But no man is whole until he learns to PROVIDE for his woman’s needs. That’s sacred knowledge.  A man must love himself first.  A man who fails to provide for his woman does not love himself.

Now here is the next level. For most men, if you are not living together or married to him, he does not see you as his woman, yet he will partake in all of your goods and expect you to show up as wife material.

Meanwhile, you may be sitting there WAITING on a man to be a man, before you give him the WIFE parts of you.  Now you’re both waiting, and neither is giving your all.  You are both practicing non-committal energy which often does not move the relationship forward.

This is why it’s best to either get with a man who is willing to meet your needs right away. Or you simply sit there, speak positive and believe your man will eventually figure it out.

Either way, there is a man that is willing to meet your needs TODAY.

But do you feel worthy of having such a man?

Most women do not. You feel you have to EARN a man’s love, get taken through the mud and wait patiently to be fully loved.

No matter which you choose, it’s good to be AWARE of the choice you are making.

Deciding to stay with a man who doesn’t give you what you want is still a choice.

Here are some questions for you to ponder. 

  1. Did you make that choice based upon societal beliefs, his beliefs or your own beliefs?
  2. WHO did God tell you to be?  Are you being that woman?

Are you listening to the voice of God?

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