How to get your ex back or get over them with love and grace

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Every good and perfect gift comes from love. ~ James 1:17

Love & Grace is so important.  However unless you grew up in a light filled household, it’s a way of being the wasn’t taught to you.

Love has so many definitions, depending on who you ask. The right way to love is the light filled way ~ Unselfishly.

Pure unselfish love draws to itself it’s own. It does not need to seek or demand.  It’s warm, kind and understanding.

It is not jealous. Jealousy is the enemy of love.

Yet all too often, I see women tripping over their ex who left them or moved onto a another woman quite swiftly.

That attitude does not serve you. You should never be jealous when you see someone else finding their happiness.  Especially not if you actually want that person back.

Instead, give a perfect love and you will receive a perfect love. Perfect yourself on him. Give him a perfect unselfish love and demand nothing in return. Do not criticize or condemn him. Bless him wherever he is. That is real love.

Salute the divinity in him. Say “I see your divine self. Say “I see you as God sees you. Perfect and made in his likeness.”  (I know, it may feel icky right. But this is healing sis.)  For when you truly love someone, you want them to be happy rather they are with you or someone else.

Every relationship is happening to teach you a lesson. You must learn to love yourself, and figure out what you truly desire.  A tough relationship will come along to teach you these things. When you have become a complete circle and are no longer lacking in self-love, clearly know what you want and are no longer disturbed by the situation of your ex,  you will then have his love or attract his equivalent. Which one do you want? Be clear about this when speaking to the Universe. Do you want him or do you not want him?

If you want him he will come back to you. He if doesn’t come back to you, he will be replaced with a greater love. It’s really that simple. (Same thing for men. reverse.)

No man is your enemy. No man is your friend. Every man is your teacher. Learn your lessons that they have come to teach you. Learn your lessons and be free.

Every man and woman sooner or later must learn unselfish love. Suffering is not necessary for evolution. It’s actually a complete violation of spiritual law. Spiritual, yes that’s me. I tend to speak from the spiritual realm, and if things haven’t been working out for you, I’d suggest you’d listen. That way you no longer have to learn things the hard way.

When people are happy they tend to become selfish… Then the law of karma is set in action. Then suffering comes through lack of appreciation.  Because you were so happy you started taking them for granted and other things for granted.

Appreciate everything and everyone in your life.

healing love

MAJOR LESSON: Do not date no good men. They will cause you to lose appreciation for them. Of course it’s difficult to appreciate someone who fails to appreciate a Goddess. Which then causes you to lose appreciation for love and other things in life. Without love you have nothing. It’s the core of life itself.

Written with Love,


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I leave you with Whitney….