One of the hardest things in the world to do is walk away from a man you’re crazy in love with… You find yourself in a relationship with a man who is mostly kind to you, doting upon you, smart, hard-working, says he loves you and has so much POTENTIAL…
So much potential that you can even see the King in him. You’ve spent years trying to get him to see it in himself. He needs a lot of attention from other women in order to make himself feel powerful. Therefore his antics put a strain on the relationship. You love him deeply… You’ve been patient, WAITING, HOPING & PRAYING he’ll change. 2-3 years have gone by. You haven’t done what you were supposed to, because you’re waiting on him………to change, to take your relationship more serious….to value you. So that, you can take over the world together, and build a legacy. You could even marry him if you wanted to, and commit yourself to a few more years of antics, and being slowed down, and not doing what you know you were called to do.
How do I know you so well? Because I was once you.

This blog is dedicated to the amazing, beautiful, talented, spiritual women walking this earth who have no idea of how powerful and gifted they are, or why they keep seeming to attract bad men, no matter how kind and loving she is.

Sis, you have an aura, a light. It attracts narcissistic men who want to suck the life and joy out of you. They will break your heart and drain you for everything you are worth, because that is what they were born to do. They are energy vampires… Human leeches.

However the conversation we’re about to have describes both male and female narcissists.


1. IMMENSE AFFECTION – The first thing a narcissist will do is immediately adorn you with lots of affection and attention. They will act like they can’t get enough of you. They actually can’t. You seem so pure and right to them. You’re like a breathe of fresh air, that they feel they simply can’t live without…in the beginning.

The physical attraction and sexual intensity between you two is so intense, that it causes you to ignore blatant red flags, that scream RUN, RUN FAST! It’s so intense, mixed with their attention that even if you want to run, you often can’t. Something pulls you to them so strong that your mind says NOOOOOO, but your body says “Phuck It. Come Phuck My Life Up. It’s Worth It.”

The passion is like nothing you’ve ever felt before. Moments with them seem like bliss. Makes you feel like everything is right and perfect in the world. They ask you to be in a relationship with them right away. If you try to say no and listen to your mind, they will become relentless in their pursuit, until you give in… Individuals who can see auras maintain that sexual energetic desire to be with you. It literally obfuscates mental and emotional energy — which is why lust is blind. Blind to the fact your soul has a destiny with this person and no matter how hard your mind fights and how your body almost seems to shut down in FEAR, that makes you feel like maybe you’re simply tripping and afraid to fall in love again… It’s the beginning of you confusing truth for fear…. Here is where you begin to doubt yourself and the things you thought you knew…

Now let’s move onto the life ruining stage.

2. HABITUAL LIAR – Everything is going great, cause you’re ignoring the red flags they literally told you about themselves in the beginning; cause you hear what you want to and think that maybe they didn’t mean those things that are completely against your beliefs. You develop this great sense of trust for them. You feel a comfort with them that you’ve never felt with anyone else. Suddenly, out of nowhere a BOOM happens. Thunder… A storm without the lightening. You find out they lied to you. And they way they lied to you is a total, complete violation of your boundaries that you don’t have at the time. You can’t believe this is happening to you. You feel like no one could possibly be that darn dumb to lie to you or disrespect you like that.  Then here comes that lovely empathetic spirit of yours feeling sorry for them for being a liar. Because they made you feel like it was no big deal. They seem like such a cute, innocent little thing… Next thing you know you’re months and years on down the line and you’ve caught them in their 45th lie or gut punching antic… Believe who people show you they are the first time.

3. PROFESSIONAL DEFLECTOR – The entire time they were busy lying to you, persuading you, and making you feel special for their own selfish reasons, they blame you for everything that they do. They gaslight, and turn everything back on you. A narcissist can do no wrong. Meanwhile they are very engaging and sociable, as long as you’re fulfilling what they desire, and giving them all of your attention. If you give too little attention they will complain that you’re not thinking about them. Then when you give them attention they say you need to focus on yourself. Ahhhh, you’re starting to notice the craziness that you and your hormones completely ignored.

4. ENTITLEMENT –   Narcissists often expect preferential treatment from others. They expect others to cater (often instantly) to their needs, without being considerate in return. The good ones will even woo you with gifts to throw you off. However, in their mindset, the world revolves around them, and 9/10 they aren’t really doing anything to solidify that. As they have no presidency or position to influence, impact or change the lives of the masses. However they do often suffer from delusions of grandeur. They don’t appreciate anything. In fact they think you’re supposed to do the things you do for them. They could be used to wearing Michael Kors watches but have no appreciation for the Gucci upgrade you gave him. Even though no one before you ever treated them as nice.

5. EMOTIONAL MANIPULATION – Many narcissists enjoy spreading and arousing negative emotions to gain attention, feel powerful, and keep you insecure and off-balance. In fact you could be a perfectly healthy, secure human being, but a narcissist will mess with you so much, and the minute you take up for self or question something they will say you’re insecure. This puts them in a position of power.

They are easily upset at any real or perceived slights or inattentiveness. They may throw a tantrum if you disagree with their views, or fail to meet their expectations. They are extremely sensitive to criticism, and typically respond with a heated argument (fight) or cold detachment (flight). On the other hand, narcissists are often quick to judge, criticize, ridicule, and blame you. Some narcissists are emotionally abusive. By making you feel inferior, they boost their fragile ego, and feel better about themselves. When the relationship finally crashes, they’ll be in a new relationship and in love with the next person within a month.  If you’re not careful, you’ll hurt, become depressed, cry, and things may fall apart in your life. This is when you have to fight with all of your might to be happy. Understand it’s over. They came to awaken you. Don’t let it destroy you. Move forward. Don’t worry about why or how it possibly happened.  Just know that it works for your highest good and God is going to bring you someone much better.


I hope you’ve found this article informative, thoroughly entertaining and programmed enough sense into your head to never date another person who fails to appreciate you.

For spiritual souls you will meet a narcissist as a test. They will devalue you, intentionally cross your boundaries time and time again; have you miserable, trying to find your happy place again, and living below your standards. And you’ll be madly in love the whole time… At some point you may have a spiritual awakening. Their mistreatment of you caused it. Life said it’s time to admit what you really want. You got caught up with a narcissist and tried to settle for less… While the whole time they were trying to make you feel like you were the lesser one… So much insanity.

Now when that awakening hits, you get 2 options. You can choose to love them and continue to attempt to cater to them, and bend for them, as they get worse and worse, or you can choose to let that pain hit you like a ton of bricks, as you choose to walk into the light, love yourself more than you love him, heal and pursue your PURPOSE.

  • Option one will make you weaker
  • Option two will give you super powers.

Do you want super powers? Cause I know you FEEL me. Or do you want to stay and get weaker?

The choice is yours. If you would like help making this important decision, or healing from such a relationship, I’m here for you. MESSAGE ME here to book a relationship consultation. (My consultations are paid, if you want to truly stop the pattern you must invest in yourself, or wait till I write a blog about it.) Yes! This is really happening to you… All I can tell you is that it gets greater later.  Love You.