Future Claims He’s Not Toxic, Suggests Women He’s Dated Were the Source of Toxicity

by | Celebrity News

Future appears to be one of those narcissistic men who isn’t very self-aware.

The Freebandz honcho has become synonymous with the term toxic masculinity, and according to the countless memes of him shared on social, he is recognized as the “Toxic King” leading the way for “City Boys” — a male personification of rap duo “City Girls’” lyrics — to thrive in a sea of women.

“People associate me with being toxic…People have their own definition of what toxic is,” he told GQ for their May cover story. Future’s records can easily be interpreted by critics, and fans, as lacking morality as he raps about having a bevy of women, creeping with married women and using intimacy as just a momentary transaction.

But when it comes to looking in the mirror, Future sees his past lovers — which includes a short-lived engagement to singer Ciara, a brief and public romance with Lori Harvey, and a string of relationships with the mothers of his gaggle of children — he sees a man who has been a victim to love.

“[These women] all were toxic to me. They just don’t want to admit it,” Future claimed. His latest project is one of passion and transparency. It’s “about sometimes having an open heart, handling everybody with open arms, man … Sometimes people out there try to make you seem like the suspect. Really, you are the victim.”

But with lyrics such as, “I just f—d your b—h in some Gucci flip flops/ I just had some b—s and I made ’em lip lock.” Or the song he worked on while being interviewed where he rapped, “She walked in with a goofy, I got a chance to intercept it,” — which some may read into as a wordplay jab at Russell Wilson, his ex Ciara’s husband — his fans and critics are split on who to label toxic.

“This man literally raps about being toxic.”

“Nah some of them be his match and he don’t like that.”

“This man heart has been BROKEN since Ciara moved on and got better. Y’all notice since then he’s been running thru women.”

Other fans, however, agreed that Future has been unfairly titled toxic when the women he chooses to date are the real toxic culprits.

“I believe him too he can’t take all the blame. I think the women were just as wrong, they say he toxic but kept dealing with him even having kids with the man. He can’t be all that bad.”

“They dealt with him knowing his history so yup, I can understand.”

“I believe him! Most of them wanted a come up! Except Ciara he knows he fumbled with her.”

In the past Future said he canceled the wedding to Ciara because he didn’t want industry people there, nor did he want to see headlines saying “Ciara’s Husband Was Seen In A Strip Club.”   He also said that his fans were pretty accustomed to him saying reckless things, and he feels that he needs to continue to say those things in order to keep their attention.  Those things are not in alignment with being married to a woman of Ciara’s character.

It’s pretty obvious that Future is afraid to grow up. Future, like a majority of single baller men who refuse to take accountability. They have several women around at one time, half-way commit, and then wonder why women bail on him.

He literally said he wouldn’t marry any of his baby mother’s because the others would get upset. Ciara went on to marry a King, and Lori Harvey is now dating a Prince. Both seem to have fairly healthy relationships that lasted longer than their relationships with Future.  Future is indeed the common denominator. He lacks true kindness in his heart and the ability to commit in compromise.