Brittany Renner Says Her Relationships Didn’t Work Out Because She’s ‘Never Valued Herself’

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Brittany Renner is well known for writing a tell-all book about her sexual escapades. She’s literally an open book on how she moves.

She’s not afraid to spill her tea from the breakdown of her relationship with PJ Washington to motherhood, sexual freedom, and even the type of birth control she got!

The Shade Room Reports: In early December, she opened up about “sitting in [her] sh*t” and learning to value herself. She says it’s been the barrier to a lasting romantic relationship.

She wants connection but isn’t just settling for having lil’ conversations here and there with men who desire her. Brittany wants a husband–that’s what she told followers in a separate video on November 12.

“I know what it’s like to be desired by men. I don’t know what it’s like to be valued by one. When people ask me, why hasn’t it worked out with anyone? Well, because I’ve never valued myself,” Renner said. “I’ve been running from myself for a very long time. And I’m no longer drinking it away, eating it away, sleeping it away, f**king it away. I’m sitting with my shit.”

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She explained that she is now having difficult conversations with herself and even dropped a quote to clarify her point, saying, “anything you attract from a disempowered state won’t last.” Renner added that actions have to align with desires.

Brittany Renner Reveals She’s Disgusted By Previous Encounters, But Accepts Her Past

During a recent interview with podcaster Pearl of The Pregame Show, Renner talked about regretting some of her sexual encounters.

She made it clear that she wouldn’t trade the wisdom she’s gained for a clean slate. However, she sent a message to 20-year-olds, including herself.

“I hate how I allowed myself to just be like used up by men, and that came from a lack of self-worth. I did not understand my value that I was born with. I didn’t. Again people look at sex differently, but sex is spiritual unification at the end of the day. I don’t care how you spin it.”

Then she described how disgusted she feels by some of the people she “gave [her] body to.” And as she’s revealed in the past, no one has been her most prominent critic than herself.

“And people that I shared my body with, when I think about my list, it’s repulsive because they didn’t deserve it, but that was an outcome of me discounting my worth,” Renner said. “And it’s disgusting. I hate even having that spiritual tie in any type of way, but yeah I would absolutely change sexually how I move around.”

And any regret Renner feels has less to do with societal views, which she’s previously established she doesn’t care about, but from her “self-worth.”

“It doesn’t feel good knowing that you gave a sacred part of yourself to a man that looked at sex with you like taking a piss. It’s not fulfilling, it’s disgusting to think about, and I feel like I’ve beat myself up every single day for my decisions. And what people say about me online holds no candle to what I’ve told myself on a daily basis. I’ve bee called worse by better and that better being me.”

Renner also explained that this “more traditional” awareness has come to her in the last year or so. She now believes sex isn’t worth it, if the person doesn’t care about you.

Great story. Self-worth and self-love is everything.