Shirley Strawberry’s Husband To Alleged Mistress During Recorded Jail Call, ‘When That Thang Get Hot, Just Pat It’

by | Celebrity News

Shirley Strawberry, co-host for the Steve Harvey morning radio show, found herself in a tumultuous situation when her husband, Ernesto Williams, who is currently incarcerated, allegedly engaged in an explicit conversation with an unidentified woman believed to be his mistress.

During the conversation, Ernesto reportedly confessed, “I sure miss some good ass pussy though, I’m not gon lie.”

He went on to say, “When that thang get hot, just pat it.”

Ernesto, the entrepreneur behind Ernesto Cuts, requested his mystery companion to send him her “favorite” photo, one of her lying in bed wearing a tank top, and another wearing glasses.

“I like all of them to be honest with you. Them pictures more important to me than that goddam commissary,” Ernesto told his alleged mistress. 

Ernesto continued to discuss the nature of their relationship, highlighting their daily conversations. Towards the end of the call, he exclaimed, “This is a dream come true for a man,” and showered praise on the woman’s appearance, her unique style, and her captivating aura.

Shirley Strawberry, 69, co-hosts The Steve Harvey Morning Show and is known for her “Strawberry Letter” segment, where she offers advice on various issues, including relationships, sent in by listeners.

Recent hints suggest that Shirley and Ernesto’s drama will take center stage on the show, with an upcoming segment titled, “I didn’t know my life was a real-life Strawberry Letter.”

These revelations come on the heels of Ernesto’s legal troubles, as he pled guilty to being a felon in possession of a weapon, resulting in a 23-month prison sentence. According to the Jasmine Brand, He is currently facing additional allegations, including fraud, theft, gun possession, and child pornography.

Several leaked jailhouse phone calls between Ernesto and the two women in his life — allegedly recorded between October 2022 and July 2023 — have opened up a world of ongoing chaos.

In one call between Shirley and Ernesto, she alluded to Steve Harvey‘s fear of his wife, Marjorie Harvey. Shirley also hinted at Marjorie’s reluctance to have company over, perceiving her husband’s employees as “the help.” She described Marjorie’s lavish home, complete with a spa and workout room, as a dream.

In a call between Shirley and her husband, the co-host claimed Steve was “scared” of his wife, Marjorie Harvey. She additionally implied that Steve liked to have company over, but Marjorie was against it because the latter viewed her husband’s employees as “the help.”

Shirley also described how magnificently Harvey’s home was decked out for Marjorie. 

“Marjorie has her own spa [and] her own workout room. And she could go in there and get massages every day. People come to her house and work her out and all of that. I was like ‘Oh God, what a dream’.”

“He [Steve] was happy to see us. He always invites us over there and we don’t never go. Because I don’t know, if she’s there… you know. She’s, um… nope… she looks at as like ‘The help’ you know… it is what it is.”

Shirley and Ernesto became husband and wife in 2015, a special day as it coincided with Ernesto’s birthday, on January 10th. The proposal had taken place the previous year, during one of the co-host’s live on-air broadcasts.

The ongoing revelations from Ernesto’s alleged jailhouse phone conversations suggest that the unfolding drama will persist, particularly with the anticipated and intriguing Strawberry Letter segment scheduled for the coming week.