Truth be told, most women make a better man than most men do. These men weren’t taught HOW to BE a MAN.

Everytime I say DO for your woman, here they come crying, asking what is a woman going to do for HIM who doesn’t know the value of a woman.

Then they wonder why dope women don’t choose them. It’s sad that being single is better than choosing some average dude who wants you to see the potential of his latchkey heart.

You literally have to choose these average men only based upon a desire to not be single and have d*ck in your bed at night.

Then his dusty, $5 azz has the nerve to inbox you.

Like sorry Sir, we’re not accepting applications for clowns today.

Now read that again. This time know that broken men read it and say “SMH. Women weren’t taught how to be women.” 💁‍♀️😭

While divine Kings know that I am right.  Princes will find a way to blame women.  But in this case, most women do know how to LEAD, GIVE and PROVIDE better than most men do. Just think of a single mother…

The problem is there are not enough men who can outdo these women, causing them to work on their femininity. Or these women get stuck with broken men, who end up breaking them. Like the men who literally complain about women buying them expensive gifts….

Darling, I’m just the messenger that delivers the revelation. Kissylations#22