The first day of my first ever masterclass – 10K in 30 Days

by | The Life of Kissy

Just got done with a 2ND VIP HOT SEAT SESSION for my first ever Masterclass, $10K in a day or the $10,000 in 30 Days MASTERCLASS. It’s my first masterclass and I almost cried.

Why did I almost cry? Because I happily saw the bright future of a room full of beautiful divine feminine souls who are already changing, impacting and prospering millions of lives on this earth.

The international speaker and author Dr. Amy Rucker came through and gave out $100,000 business strategies.

I read a post by @Katrina Ruth too and got over about the last of my b.s. about showing up. I get this SHOW thing now in a whole new way.

So much so that I came over here to write a blog, for my loyal readers who read everything I write. I apologize for neglecting you as I apologize to my soul for rejecting my craft.

You came into this world to coach, speak or write.  But half the time you don’t know what’s right. Even though it’s always right or whatever, because you really can’t lose with God, when you’re on your purpose.  You only have to get it done.

As I help many other women get things done, I think about the women who help me get it done. Women should be kinder to female coaches, speakers and writers. Especially those of us who aren’t trying to compete with you, but instead greet you and help you see how good life is. We’re changing the world, as we change ourselves into better leaders of today and tomorrow.

Anyways, I’m getting more into the THING that I came here to do. The vision is getting clearer and clearer.  I’m happier and in a state of gratitude.

The picture be the picture the whole time.  That part doesn’t change. You only have to change how you implement, when and how much, and in what direction your energy will flow.

Right now my energy is flowing towards a paid vacation.

My gratitude right now is this Kissylation “Stop working so hard for the wrong things. Of course you’re going to put in the work. But work on the right things.”

Gratitude for the revelation. 🙏