GROWTH: Sometimes I write the most beautiful, motivational messages in the world, and some basic looking girl or man who hasn’t even hit 6 or 7 Figures will comment on my appearance.

I no longer respond. I simply hit block. But what’s hilarious, is that people actually expect me to be bothered by them attacking my BEAUTY on posts that were written to inspire them.

Sh*t. I dreamed of looking this damn fine as a little girl.

I guess others dreamed of looking basic, homeless and not noteworthy perhaps. I dreamed of being a famous author who wrote books that everyone loved.
I had my heart broken and got off my path so many times. So grateful to God and the people who spoke life into me and helped me get back on my path.

It’s weird though, you know, I say “Hey. I have a manifestation secret that will change your life.” Non rich people are like “FU B*Tch, you look good. I can’t stand you.” Meanwhile people who already make 6 and 7 figures be like “Kissy, where is the buy in button? How can I pay? Let’s Go!”

Basic looking people have this whole belief system that they love themselves more than others simply because they don’t look as good as others.

This is also why I don’t get along with men who don’t dress well. Give me the King who dreamed of having a tailored suit with pretty white teeth as a kid.

That kind of man can appreciate a Goddess. And the women who hate….. It’s amazing that their kids wake up to look at them every day as an average mother, instead a mother who despite all odds went after her goals and dreams.

People who truly love themselves want to be something greater than you are. You can’t sit still. You can’t remain the same. Average just won’t due.

People want to look at people like me in anger, not seeing that it’s their own black heart in the way of their success. Meanwhile, despite being beautiful, I maintain a beautiful, pure heart, full of the greatest love.”

People choose to not be love, when it’s the easiest thing in the world to choose.

Anyway, rant over. Message me to work with me 1 on 1 to show up authentically on social media, develop divine confidence and stop caring about what people think of you.

Working with me will heal your heart and change your life in ways you can’t even being to imagine. Doubling your income is only ONE of them. 😘

Kissy Denise