Every man can’t take a woman being full of emotions

by | Confidence & Self-Love

Not every man can take a woman being full of emotions. Some will tell you to chill on your emotions. He’s only telling you that because he’s not your King. 👑

In his own way, he’s kindly trying to tell you that he’s not the one for you. 

When a man isn’t receptive to your emotions it’s because he either:

1. Doesn’t want to be with you.
2. Some girl broke his heart and he’s gone cold like Omarion’s ice box. Don’t waste your time trying to fix him. Chances are, it won’t work anyway. He has to fix himself. Men like him tend to end up with emotionally unavailable women, because that’s who he is.

More importantly, his behavior is also a reflection of YOU. So go fix you Sis. Fix the reason why you are receptive to him in the first place. FIX the reason why you care about him in the first place.  He’s showing you shadow work that you need to do.  He’s helping to keep you in the DARKNESS. 

Find yourself in this darkness and your life will forever be just that much more beautiful, love. 

I’m not telling you that something is wrong with caring. What I’m telling you is to LOVE YOURSELF, more.

The truth is, often times in this situation, the man has already told you to go find someone else, that he’s not ready for a relationship, that he’s busy working and so many other excuses.  His subconscious has been really honest with you. 

Most men actually don’t continuously lie to women and lead them on. 

For instance, I once had a man tell me that he wasn’t ready for a relationship.  So I dated other people. Then when he saw me hanging out with other men, traveling, and living my best life, he went off on me and said that I was hurting him. 

In the beginning, he told me that if we got along he would take me some place tropical.  But he ended up taking another woman.  When I asked him about it he said that he said he would travel with a woman “if she wasn’t crazy.” 

So even though he would SAY he wanted to be with me, his ACTIONS showed otherwise. Then he blamed me for my reactions. 

That man would believe himself to be a GREAT GUY.   I was literally just watching his actions, cause either way, it was good for my research on male behavior.   Even smart men often don’t know what they want. 

Men are going to do what they do, and half of the time unenlightened men confuse themselves. 

A woman has to DECIDE what it is SHE wants and align with a man who is with it. It’s really that simple. 

That man is going to welcome your emotions. Of course your King wants you to FEEL some kind of a way about him. A woman is a FEELING and EMOTION receptacle. 

When a man isn’t emotionally invested in a woman, you’re nothing more than just another business deal to him. Free p*ssy is something most single men will always accept from a woman. 

So, just because you FEEL some kind of way about HIM, means nothing. In reality, how he feels about you is what makes it real.