Grant Cardone Denies Bankruptcy in Billy Gene Marketing Interview [audio]

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Grant Cardone is arguably one of the greatest motivational figures and thought leaders in the world. He is no doubt a genius at marketing himself. 

In the last week, Cardone has completely taken over the internet. 

As if everyone wasn’t already talking about the 10X author, the internet went into a frenzy of excited dragging that has now turned into an outright lynching after Cardone alluded to bankruptcy, on top of firing dozens of employees from Cardone Capital. 

Of course everyone has hit Grant up for an interview and the person who scored the interview is none other than marketing genius Billy Gene

During the interview  Grant stated the following points: 

  • The bankruptcy ploy started during a conversation in the comments on his Instagram page. 
  • He’s never seen a bankruptcy attorney
  • His private jet not for sale
  • His condo is rented
  • None of his real estate is for sale
  • 40 of the 42 people laid off will be hired back
  • He has enough money in his bank account to buy his jet over many many times
  • Grant says Jordan Belfort is a piece of trash.

As to laying people off, Grant says that he was warned that the economy would be taking a fall and he decided to let go of 42 people whom he’d recently hired this year. Grant says that he would be able to adequately train the new hires properly from a remote location. 

CLICK Here for the link to the interview: 

Personally I stand in my position of taking note that Grant has inspired millions of people. It’s fascinating how people rush to slam the winner, and forget everything they’ve done for the world. 

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