You Don’t Trust Men, Because You Don’t Trust Yourself

by | Love & Relationships

I see all of my white relationship coach friends talking about trust issues relating back to you not trusting yourself.  Most of them understand the deeper causes for one’s life issues.
But, what I’ve learned is that those rules often don’t apply to dating black men. In one way, I believe that black women have gotten used to a man not being a good man, and subconsciously deep down don’t trust men.  And at other times a black woman has innocence in her eyes, does trust, and gets severely hurt by the black man she loves.
You can trust tf out of a man, and he may still break your heart. Heck I know white women who trusted their husband and found out he was cheating.
The spiritual definition of things sound good and make perfect sense. But people must remember that Jesus died on the cross. It doesn’t matter how good of a person you are. That won’t protect you from experiencing darkness. Life is what it is and people are who they are.
People give you signs sometimes that you shouldn’t trust them. Often-times your intuition is right, and your DESIRE to trust is WRONG.
I see things from so many perspectives, and really get a reminder that facts change every day.
I know regardless that most women have never experienced the amount of trauma that black women experience at the hands of black men. Therefore I find that black women have to heal at much deeper levels…. But most times they don’t seek out healing. Instead they seek out MONEY….. Like Tahiry.
For a black woman MONEY is control. Even that aspect I’ve learned to see the deeper root of the desire to control, and have learned to surrender. Only then does the heaviness truly go away.
Most coaches have never felt that trauma, so they can’t heal it. So I wrote a book to heal black women of it all.
I’m not saying I’m right or wrong. I’m just saying what I see.