The Truth of Why You’re Tired & Not Married Yet

by | Love & Relationships

Ladies, men who don’t love you and give their all to you, are the men who’ve stolen your hopes and dreams.

He knew you wanted to be a wife and get married.

But instead, what did he do to you? He made it his business to take from your body, sample your fruits, get knowledge, love and healing from you. He told you that you weren’t good enough while he juggled other women, every day, still waking up chasing an illusion.

He treated you like he treated himself. But somehow you hoped for better.

Now you’re single, tired, drained, not wanting to date.

And you took self accountability but forgot to tell yourself that some men ain’t sh*t.

And those men are the ones you SETTLED for. He wasn’t rich. He wasn’t even that cute. He couldn’t have been that smart, because he didn’t value you.

But somehow HE thought he was better than you.

Success and leveling up with a better man is THE best revenge. But to get a better man, you’re going to have to wake up TODAY, and change your VALUE.

VALUE means every man can’t afford you. Even the ones that THINK they can. Only a real man can keep you. These dudes be having it twisted.

So why don’t you do YOURSELF a favor and get a real one.

Why not summon a King? 👑

And not just any King, but YOUR King. Cause how many men have you called King, but he acted no such way?

Darling a King is a King, long before he meets you. The Queen In you summons him to the surface. But did you give him space to rise or did you simply assign him a title that he didn’t earn?

What I’ve noticed about my male clients is that my presence summons the King in them. They CHOOSE to RISE.

People talk so much about being a pick me, but the truth is a Queen will only pick a King. If he fails to measure up, he gets dropped.

A man has to be a real King, to be kept by a Queen.

Even in my kindness of apologizing to men for going off on them, they should’ve noted that they weren’t practicing King bahevior. Otherwise I never would’ve sent them away.

You see some men don’t understand legacy. They play and get dropped.

Don’t ever let social media fool you into thinking you’re going to play with a Boss Goddess. It’s either bow down or move around 365 Days of the Year.

But the illusion is that she is easily kept.

LADIES, most men do not care their you are a soul having a human experience. They don’t care that you have hopes and dreams and that your family depends on you. Most people only care of about themselves and will take, take, take, from you, as long as you let them.   Love yourself enough to RECEIVE from a man.