Why Judge What A Woman Does Online If You’re Not Financially Supporting Her?

by | Internet Marketing

This morning I scrolled my instagram feed and saw a post of an Influencer that I’ve been following for quite some time.

She’s 3DNatee, a producer and an explosive rapper who was signed by Russell Simmons.  I remember meeting her on Facebook, where she barely had any followers. She disappeared on over to Instagram and things started to take off for her.

Yesterday her video seemed to show the rapper naked, without her actually showing anything.  A male commented stating the he was disappointed in her, and that her fans held her to a higher level.

I responded and asked him if he’d ever purchased anything from her. Not that I stuck around for the answer, but there is a very high chance that he hasn’t.

What I’ve noticed about the internet is that people have this belief system about the women who show up online half naked. But what I noticed is those women have large audiences.

Even Denzel Washington says that he loves Cardi B.

People who don’t understand internet marketing often want their favorite creator to remain classy, while not actually financially supporting them.  So they do what gets the attention of men who will spend money.

Yet, the men who don’t spend their money to support female creators think that THEIR desires are the ones that should be catered to.

One thing for certain is that I’ve learned there are keys to internet marketing. No one HAS to take their clothes off in order to make money, and whatever you do on the internet has to be done with a strategic system in play, but FLESH definitely sells better and faster.

The women who keep their clothes on are the ones who have to work a whole lot harder to get attention, and somehow society seems to be okay with that. They desire to keep women in that box.

Meanwhile the Kylie Jenners of the world win.

Most boss chicks these days are single and told to act a certain way, in order to be RESPECTED. But that box doesn’t serve any of them, and keeps them detached from their femininity.

Women are supposed to be sensual and depend on their femininity to attract money.  Yet so many think she’s supposed to rely on the DOING.