Amber Rose Confesses To Being Hurt & Embarrassed By Cheating Mate

by | Celebrity LOVE

I am up late night working on getting a major course accomplished. Instead of doing the course, I started to create other things and in the process came across a post on Instagram speaking of Amber Rose being cheated on and embarrassed by her life partner Alexander Edwards.

The influencer accused her partner of cheating with 12 different women.

In that moment I felt for Amber. She’s such a beautiful soul. And the way she talks about men is absolutely divine.   I know some of you will hate or call her a Bimbo or whatever. But trust me, she’s smart. 

Anyway, Amber’s woe’s reminded me of my own past woes.  The fear of being embarrassed in public by the man I love has caused me in the past to not get married.  It’s also why I dumped every boyfriend I ever had no matter how amazing they were. I always saw the signs of the other women. For the most part I never had any solid proof…. I just knew.  

Minus the abusive, now deceased ex….. He was a hot mess and a half. 

Whenever I sensed that a man’s confidence was based upon him having multiple basic chicks in his life, I would lose a great deal of respect for him. 

I want a man who values himself enough to not allow random women to have easy access to him. 

Is it too much to ask, to actually have a man who believes he has royal balls? 

Anyway, I am now wondering if this is a problem with the majority of boss chicks and why so many women who make their own money go unmarried. 

I was on stage with Amber Rose a few months back on Clubhouse and she spoke about never getting married about. She said A.E. was her life partner. (I am only repeating this because it was said on a public forum)  When Amber said that I thought it to be weird. But I always respect people’s choices and decisions. 

I feel like when a woman doesn’t want to marry a man, there’s a lot of fear at play.  Especially a woman of Amber’s caliber and beauty who can have any man she wants. 

While most women would run to say “beauty doesn’t keep a man,” and laugh at how beautiful women get cheated on too, I believe the problem is really HEALING. 

Is there something within us that attracts men who will cheat on an amazing woman in the spotlight, and embarrass her. 

I know we’re supposed to put our men and husbands somewhat first. But we work hard to build our brands and businesses. It takes a certain kind of energy to show up in the world when you’re a boss chick. You need positive energy.  You need a good man who pours life and love into you. 

When we talk about protecting a woman I don’t believe that most men know that also means protecting her image and reputation by never making her look bad in public. 

You know how good those women feel to know that they are sleeping with THE Amber Rose’s man?  They feel like they are at her level, even though chances are they haven’t worked even half as hard to accomplish their dreams. 

Is it too much to ask to be with a man who wants to do the work of healing and building wealth together? Someone who actually wants to love each other and raise beautiful kids in a healthy conscious household?    Just as much as I want wealth, I also want real love. 

Many would say “Well stop choosing high profile men.” But the truth is low profile men cheat and embarrass their woman too. 

I  get the need to experience sex with multiple people, but at some point, shouldn’t people want more?

Even more what’s not discussed is that, a woman can be just as beautiful and kind as she wants to be, but she’s headed for heartbreak when she engages in a romantic relationship with an unhealed man. 

Unhealed men rarely ever value their woman. 

Do men realize that us women are humans and we can only take so much?

God created Eve so Adam would have someone to love. Therefore we as women have to be fully loved by a man.  We are delicate creatures who are often forced to be hard and deal with emotional pain that we shouldn’t have to, while tending to the household and kids too.  Then everyone tells you to just pick your head up and keep going.  Others tell you to never give your all.  But the minute you’re afraid to give your all, something is wrong with you. 

Beautiful, brilliant women actually have legit reasons for not getting married these days, and if we are to be perfectly honest, it has very little to do with money or finances. It has everything to do with a man’s heart and the way he treats his woman. 

I want to see someone happy and in a good relationship. That is also my prayer for myself. 

Anyway, that’s the end of my rant. 

What are your thoughts?