A divine masculine King requires healing of your heart. He requires that you return to the land of freedom. He wants a whole woman, not a broken woman, what used to be a whole woman, or a semblance of a woman. A divinely conscious man wants a Queen who gracefully sits on her throne.

When your heart has been broken and shattered into a million and one pieces, time and time again, where do you begin to alter your DNA in alignment with thrine level divinity?

Cause there’s no way you could possibly expect to attract anything less than you already are. If you seek divine masculine energy, also known as a real azz n*gga. Then you my dear would have to be a real azz b*tch, who loves divine feminine energy.

Divine feminine energy, knows herself and her p*ssy power. She evokes the creation powers of a Goddess.

You would real life have to learn how to play chess not checkers, against yourself.

Which means everything that’s present and not of you has to go.

It would be a must that you do away with old agreements. ¬†You know, those things you agreed to that you knew damn well were a checker move. ¬†Like that man that you let hit it on the first date, cause he took you to a nice dinner. Come on Sis, you’re out here making mad paper. ¬†Your moves been chess. But you either got caught up playing attention to the local joker, a Kingin a dude who hasn’t crowned himself King P*ssy worthy. Switching boards to go play down on his level. That’s exactly what you’re doing to YOURSELF when you don’t make a decision to play chess. Divine masculine Kings like women who play chess. ¬†Other women are too easy for him to figure out. Men get bored easily, and have a VERY difficult time finding a woman who excites him on a longterm basis.

Sound familiar?  You have the same problem, because you are playing the game wrong.

True divine masculine is okay with EACH and E V E R Y  part of your greatness. He gives you permission to rise higher.

There’s levels to divine masculine men. ¬†Once ascended, you’ve already attracted them. They are all around you. But this is like the playoffs, ¬†and going to the final four. When you’re ready for a ring, you need the skills required to play in a Championship game.

You’ve been practicing, giving yourself a little more permission at a time. But ¬†Sis, when are you going to be ready ready, instead of getting ready?

A real Goddess will rise. She has no choice but to. You’ve been taken in by the fire. It has formed you like no other. ¬†There are levels to this Goddess world.

The more pain that has been inflicted on your heart, that you kept deciding to heal, time and time again…

The daily decision, to find out who you truly are and what you came here to do.

You came here to win. You came to have it all. You may as well laugh at your lower self, for asking the divine to let you be okay with settling for less.

Sis, every single last one of your exes was weak AF! Let’s just keep it real. He attacked your ambition, He told you to humble yourself. He told you, you wanted too much. He didn’t even want to see all of your dreams come true.

Breathe. Relax. The truth is now out.

Then there were other people, the he and the she’s, damn there everybody telling you NO, you can’t do and what you are not GOOD ENOUGH for.

Now you’re walking around here like: “Well, If I could just get one…….more…….permission, then I could just.”

I know you’re tired of your own b.s. storyline and constantly running in circles, just to end up with another man who treats you bad. ¬†Just to end in yet another break-up or heartbreak that sends you running to nurse your wounds inside of your business, operating in pushing against flow and working in masculine energy.

Here’s the thing. A divine masculine man desires a woman who is 100% only okay with getting what she wants. He wants to be in service of a Queen who knows how to RECEIVE from a man.

Real Queens are ruled by the beauty of their own hearts. For your world must be beautiful and magnetic. You are who you are. You can’t let nobody take that away from you.

Find your heart love. Go deeper into it. ¬†There’s levels to it. Deep inside of you, layer after layer, you’ll find the core of your feminine heart and honor her. You’ll honor her truths.

You must do the work of expanding your heart chakra and exploding your throat chakra.

Are you ready to get this work?

Cause Goddess UNLeashed – By Kissy Denise | The Masterpiece | The Goddess of Love & Motivation is guaranteed to:

  • Pull You Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • Return You To Your Erogenous Zone

It will have you:

  • Going Down
  • Dropping low and picking back up, your throne.
  • Understand how to reverse ancestral and systematic belief systems
  • Knowing Your 7 PERSONAL Success Secrets By Heart
  • Total Self-Mastery
  • Rapid removal of the top 4 layers of your physical subconscious belief system

The top layer is everything stopping you from successfully SEEING the full manifestation of your Dream Life, dream business, dream home, dream car and your soulmate kids and clients. We have to attend to that layer first before you can truly DECIDE to embody your feminine Goddess energy that causes your sacred God King to rise to meet you; his Queen, and give her whatever she wants.

Goddess Unleashed is for you. It was made for you darling.

It will confidently install you with new beliefs.   Like the belief that:

  • You know how to get a bag don’t you?

See, you’ve always known how to get to the bag of what you want. That’s why you have your own money. But somewhere along the way you lost gratitude and stopped desiring to BECOME the woman of your dreams. Sis, these ninjas done tired you out. ¬†You need a dose of this Kissy Healing Goddess Activation Energy in your life.

Cause darling. THE WOMAN OF HER DREAMS is married to THE MAN OF YOUR DREAMS.

Now, here’s the thing. You’ve been praying. You’ve been wishing, and you’ve been hoping, for:

  • a miracle.
  • A shift.
  • Clarity
  • More Faith
  • a better belief system
  • to give you what you want
  • A man who fully loves you
  • A smart man with some sense
  • A man who values you
  • A dream wedding
  • A dream vacation
  • A dream House
  • A dream bank account
  • To feel good about yourself
  • To be the baddest b*tch in the room

And even though you may have lacked a little in believing in yourself….. Even though you lacked belief in yourself, you never stopped believing in God.

He be on one. God does, Like the whole time he be giving you what you want. It’s always right there in your face. But you lack clarity,

Goddess UNleashed gives you CLARITY, that helps you remove the veil that’s holding you back from manifesting:

  • The LOVE
  • The MAN
  • The Mansion
  • The Maid
  • The Family
  • The Career
  • The Impact
  • The Recognition of your true authority in the earth realm
  • Followers who Love YOU, go hard for you and buy all of your stuff
  • The Motivation
  • The Highest Version of Yourself

You’ll learn how to:

  • Stop Self-Sacrificing Yourself
  • How To Express Your Needs
  • How To Communicate with men in a way that will help you get what you want from him
  • Turn Your Sexy Up A Notch
  • Become The Ultimate Woman of a Boss Chick ( Gang gang)
  • Stop letting other people think for you
  • Let Go of People Pleasing Syndrome.
  • Remove Self-Doubt
  • Remove Stress
  • Elevate Your Sex Drive or Bring It Back
  • How To Get Any Man You Want
  • Quantum Leap & Call In What You Want In 30 Days or Less (EXPERT LEVEL, PLATINUM VIP CARD HOLDERS) ¬† Print Out Membership Cards. Color The Cards Level. Get Them Benefits at Places like Diners Club, Fashion Nova. Diamond Brand, VIP Restaurants With waiting list, Airlines, Super Discounts For Lingerie, Savage By Rihanna, VIP Admission only to yearly events. Opportunity to get on Membership Board,
  • Remove Sexual Repression
  • Find & Attract Sacred, conscious, everlasting love, deep in your heart center and remove your wounds.

Now, this course doesn’t come with sage. I use LOVE instead. My love vortex is the most powerful, potent, healing vortex on the planet.

Are you truly ready to manifest the life of your dreams?

Are you tired of holding yourself back and experiencing anxiety?

Are you tired of procrastinating.

I am going to give you the opportunity to experience the most groundbreaking Goddess Unleashed Academy to ever visit the earth realm.

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Not ready to make a life altering, transformative soul investment, but still want to know how to get what you want from a man?

This book will have the most masculine alpha King catering to you, and giving you everything you want.