Creed Actor Jonathan Majors Arrested Accused Of Assault & Cheating On His Woman

by | Celebrity LOVE

Today a major news story broke in Hollywood. Creed actor Jonathan Majors was arrested for allegedly putting his hands on his woman.

At 4:44 PM TMZ reported that, Majors’ and his girlfriend got into an argument while in a taxi returning home from a bar in Brooklyn.

Sources said police were told the girlfriend saw another woman texting Majors, and she confronted him — trying to sneak a peek at his phone. The woman/GF claims this got Majors mad, and that he allegedly grabbed her hand and allegedly slapped her.

“We’re also told the alleged victim claims he put his hands around her neck during this. Our sources say the woman was dropped off somewhere and that JM spent the night elsewhere. It appears the girlfriend went to police the following morning (Sat.) and reported a crime.”


Tough story. We shall say a prayer. 🙏

A major star like Majors cheating brings to light a good question.

Should a woman expect her rich, talented, celebrity man to be faithful?

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