Chris Rock Says The Housewife is the Smartest, Most Powerful Woman On The Planet, Not Working Chicks

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Most feminine women are taken advantage of by men.

Fierce féminine women have men who bow at their feet and protect them.

It’s great if you are a stay at home wife like Steve Harvey’s wife Marjorie. She has it made. Sis doesn’t have to help people do anything. She has real bragging rights.  Not only does her husband PROVIDE, but he actually takes her advice to improve his image and it has worked out wonderfully.

Imagine being married to a man who adores you, worships the ground you walk on, also provides, and listen to your wisdom. It’s what men are supposed to do, but most of them don’t. They think women are there to be cheap maids.

Chris Rock said the housewife is the most powerful woman on the planet because she is smart enough to have all of her needs met without working.   You can tell that his ex wife was not a chore slave.

For women who are not provided for, HAVING YOUR OWN BUSINESS is your protection.

Some feminine women who say it’s brokenness to fear depending on your man, but 9/10 that woman has been with her man since she was young and doesn’t truly know the WORLD of relationships.

Chances are her vibration has kept her safe in a vortex of men who provide. But even she is tired of cooking and cleaning all of the time.

A lot of married women are underpaid maids. She’s lucky if he buys her a new iPhone.

The truth of relationships is often not reported on social media, except for the singles who complain to no avail.

It’s okay to compromise, but most women went overboard and some men too.

We LOVE to look at couples and think they know something, but most times women simply know how to settle for less. That’s just what it is.

Men can say whatever they want, but they know a woman with her own money can quickly go find a new man.

That’s why many men don’t want a working woman. MONEY IS POWER.

They also know beautiful, inshape women can quickly find a new man, which is why many men avoid super beautiful women.

It’s going to be hard to break her self-esteem down.

And I know men want women to humble themselves, but the minute you do, you are doomed. But at least you can come online and say you have a man. That counts for A LOT in this society.

Every woman I watch humble herself to a man who hasn’t married her, develops such deep low self-esteem that she doesn’t even realize it.

Self-Love these days is having your own successful business/career and having a loving marriage too.Chris Rock said the housewife is the smartest, most powerful woman on the planet.

He said you have “Housewives of Atlanta,” Not Working B*tches of Atlanta.

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