You don’t have to ask a man “Where is this going?”

If it was going somewhere, he would tell you. Men who want you CLAIM YOU FAST because they don’t want any other man to get you.

Sure you can try to convince him to PICK YOU, but that’s backwards use of your feminine power, pussy power and magnetism. You can do better love.

Other men are dating multiple women SEARCHING for THE ONE. The rest of you b*tches in between he is watching you do circus tricks to no avail.

That’s the real sh*t that most female dating coaches won’t tell you, because they actually don’t know men well or the games men play. Men do not care, until they find THE ONE.

Not to mention when a man also isn’t providing for you, isn’t offering you any stability, yet, you want to be with him, he thinks you are foolish. Especially black women.  Black women have this thing of accepting men who don’t provide and thinking that black men are handicapped and need your half.

He literally shakes his head at how desperate you are for a man.  He, the one who provides.

Men who provide stay away from any woman who thinks he’s handicapped. You can’t even say nice things to him to boost his self-esteem cause he already has it.

You must know what kind of man you’re dealing with, and HE must be crazy about YOU.

Without that you are wasting YOUR TIME. He’s not wasting time cause you’re still phucking him, sucking his d*ck, washing clothes, cooking, cleaning, and being a maid and you’re paying half of his bills, or still maintaining your own while you serve him.


But lets’ skip that part. Because you don’t want to hear that. You want to hear how to get a man who doesn’t provide for you, to marry you.

Men who don’t provide will wife you if you agree to pay half and believe he needs your half and you’re obedient, willing to put his needs above your own and listen.

But for the women who refuse….

Listen, it’s time to stop being a weak azz b*tch. Avoid weak women in toxic relationships. Listening to them is a drain and it’s not like they are going to appreciate you guiding them or healing them.

You’ve tried it THEIR WAY for long ENOUGH. 💡

Their lack of SELF-LOVE requires that they continue pouring love into a man who will continue to misuse her.

Not to mention she is not in alignment with healthy relationships. She confuses your DELUSIONAL flow that good men actually exist when you learn how to pick. 😘

Sure she has a man who abuses her or uses her. How most women keep a man is literally to have low self-esteem. Period.

Sure she thinks she’s doing something cause she’s in a “relationship,” and your azz is single and barely mingling.

That negative energy blocks you from your good because mentally they see you settling for less, like them. Especially women who’ve let their bodies go.

I see you getting THE BEST. ♥️

Now that all of your energy is focused on positive. Have some respect for yourself and stop letting these dudes play you left.

If he’s not INVESTING IN YOU he’s investing in someone else. Half of these single men are gold diggers using BOSS women to come up.

💖 The reason most badd azz chicks are single is two things.

1. You don’t date enough.
2. You date one man at a time and let him take you for play play, instead of dating at least 2, letting 1 ask to be with you and getting the opportunity to laugh at the slow one who thought he had you waiting in his rotation.
3. You’re dishonest AF about what you want, because you lack confidence.

👉 The lack of confidence is understandable cause Lord knows barely anyone wants you to truly love yourself and own your desires. Heck most women are too afraid to even tell anyone what you want for fear that they will say “B*tch, who do you think you are? You’re not worthy of that.”

Most women are too “week” to be bold enough to go after a top dude. Period.

💰You boss chicks definitely don’t date enough, nor do you have relationship coaches so obviously you will be in masculine energy running most men off. Even the 50/50 men want femininity. You believe you don’t need a man. 👂 You hate for anyone to tell you anything and you think femininity is weak…. But there is a such thing as FIERCE FEMININITY, which is what I teach.

🔮 You spiritual chicks are confused because you’re learning so much, trying to change, grow and so much. You’re literally walking through the valley of the shadow of death in 👠 and barely anyone understands what you’re going through. Nor do they care. And you’re doing all of this while trying to maintain your same lifestyle. You need loving support from someone who understands both spiritual evolution and dating to shift you.

Everyone could use a high dose of CONFIDENCE.

🧿 One thing I can guarantee you is that working with me 1 on 1, you will increase your confidence tremendously, get clear on what you want, start attracting high value relationships and understand the dating GAME.

It is a GAME because most people in it, don’t know what the heck they want AND they are consistently and actively dating and still coming up short.

🧬 It’s different for you introverts and empaths who avoid dating and people in general. You are a great mate. You simply don’t want anyone at the moment. Even though you try to.

Healing that LOVE wound is where I come in at. Something happened to you that caused you to be blocked from your next level frequency.

Get help before you end up bragging about being happily celibate for 10+years thinking that’s an accomplishment.

The dating realm is a jungle for earth angels. People really are little monsters. You must attract the ones who have PURE intentions for you like you do.

👁 For intuitive souls it’s weird watching people formulate a strategy to seduce you, and you can clearly see every move they are making, while their heart is closed. I know you’re tired of playing in the sandbox.

Listen you’ve played the WATCH game long enough. It’s time for you to take charge and stop letting the humans waste your time.

The 777 God & Goddess Embodiment Mastermind Is about clearing all decks, gaining massive clarity, becoming the highest version of yourself, removing the ANXIETY, getting a Soul Aligned Strategy to 10x your income, and manifest everything that you desire.

I am accepting powerful azz men and women who are ready for your next level NOW!

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DO NOT MESSAGE ME if you don’t like how fierce I am. I am working with warriors who will take over the world.

Yes, you may cry. But you will only cry cause you finally see the light of how amazing you are and how you were blocking yourself the entire time.

I am here to help you remember WHO you are and WHERE TF you are going.

Everything you want can be manifested with ease when you clear your blocks. You actually care about looks, so you have to do more than average.

Darn there everyone has an average looking mate. For some reason, you don’t want that. Own it and do the work.