You have to DECIDE that you want your marriage to work

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As I was doing some research on a story for my crime blog, I came across a woman who murdered her husband, mostly cause she didn’t want to be with him anymore.

In that moment, it truly and deeply struck me of just how deeply unconscious most of the world is.

Is so simple to DECIDE to leave your wife or to leave your husband.

It’s also pretty simple to DECIDE that you are going to fix, improve, or work on your marriage.

Life is all about decisions, but somehow people often think that the only way they can have what they want, is by getting rid of their mate permanently.

It’s like people are unaware that you really do get to have whatever you want, and both people in the relationship can truly be happy and get what they want.

Being in a deeply, loving marriage, takes great communication and a deep desire to want to continue the journey of life with your partner.

I find that many couples don’t do the work to continue appreciating one another, growing together, getting to know one another on a deeper level and healing each other.

When you are one with the soul of your soulmate, you’ll find that life becomes ever so more rewarding.

Here are 5 Tips on How To Make Your Marriage Work 

  1. Decide that you not only want to, but will stay together and commit to resolve problems together.
  2. Most arguments are due to the individuals in the relationship feeling like their point is not being understood.  It often takes a moment of pause, inner listening, acknowledgement of the others feelings and simply letting go of your opinions. Understand sometimes you just have to let go and let your mate see things their way.  Your LOVE as a couple, is more important than you being right.
  3. I find that men often need to put their egos to the side and honor their wives a bit more if she is a boss chick. Her growth is highly dependent upon the amount of love you pour into her. If you trust yourself as a man, know what watering your Queen, will have her watering you in return.
  4. Seek counsel outside of your relationship, only with someone’s whose main desire is to improve the love in the relationship.  This would best be an enlightened person who is not into choosing side, but instead allowing each to see the others point of view and grow from there.
  5. Realize that most of the things you complain about in your partner are a reflection of inner issues that you have with yourself.   Which is also why it’s very important to not focus on negative traits on your partner and to instead focus on what you love about them.

These tips are what couples do when they are ready to grow deeper into love.   It’s very immature to always think the grass is always greener on the other side, because no matter how green the grass may  be, you are still there. You are in charge of watering the grass. Tend to your grass at home.

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