Boss chicks must stop helping & taking care of men

by | Love & Relationships

A masculine man does not need a woman to help him protect and provide. The most confident, most successful, most masculine men failed a few times, and got up, because no woman was there to help him up. Helping himself makes him more confident. Helping him robs him of that confidence.

If you rush in to save him, that’s emasculating him. Which is part of the reason he’s so angry at you and left you for a new woman whom he adores and provides for.  Men are motivated when they know they have a woman he must provide for. 

Many a woman has allowed the voices of the weaker men to trick you into listening at how men need women who help them.  Especially black women. We are the first to help him, because we come from poverty backgrounds and we understand his plight. We feel like no one helped us or maybe 1-2 people helped us, so we feel like we should give back and help a man out.  We empaths also can’t stand to watch anyone struggle. Or we come from abundant and healthy backgrounds, so we feel empathy for men who are “trying” to make it. We often think that all they need is a little helping hand. So you jumped into masculine, mother-mode, in order to save him. Yet you don’t look at these celebrity men and see who their wives are. Those men don’t need their wife to go half on any bill.  They love their wives for her, not for what she does for him.

He loves her essence and her spirit.  The way you help a man is by learning how to invest, building your own home based business, so that he knows you’re learning something from him and that the family’s empire and legacy is expanding.  You help a man by fixing him nice home cooked meals and keeping a clean house.  You help him with ideas. You help him by pleasing him sexually, so that he remains focused. You help him by not becoming a masculine man who grabs him by the hand and helps him up.

While helping has worked for SOME women, most times it fails. So if you feed into the “help him” storyline, there is a very high chance it will end in wasted time, heartbreak, you starting all over, wondering what’s wrong with you, and him hating you.

You need to feel deserving of a man who pays bills. It’s not about the money. It’s about your femininity, you getting a relationship that works, and being balanced.

As far as boss chicks, you need a bill paying man more than anything because he matches your drive and energy.  Such a man appreciates how you get up and go get it.  Watching you inspires him.  Just know that you getting money, is not how to get or keep a man.  A man needs an emotional connection with his woman. You must cause irresistible FEELINGS, deep down inside of him.  Without this connection, he’ll go out on a date and be entertained by the next woman, because he’s looking for a CONNECTION.