Men pick women who uplevel them, but all you need to do is be his MUSE

by | Love & Relationships

Although men pick women who up level them it’s best to be with a man whose upleveling comes simply from being with you. Your energetic frequency, depending on what kind of woman you are, serves as a muse.

You must emotionally, and energetically connect with a man above all else. A man who says you do nothing for him, isn’t inspired by having acesss to you. Which means your presence isn’t a present to him. He won’t appreciate your magic. You can DO a lot for a man. But it means nothing really.  DOING makes things worse for you.  But when your presence alone does it for him, that’s when you’re winning and he wants to come home and make love to you.

Your mind is a present. Your energy is a present. Your ability to be connected to the divine and bring peace and clarity to him is a gift. When you’re a badd azz chick, your good looks will go to waste on a man who doesn’t appreciate them.  Such a man won’t know how to maximize your presence or envelop excitement from being with you. 

You can’t wittle yourself down to basic chick status and pretend to be less for him. You don’t want a man who only wants you for your looks, but when you look good, YES, he needs to appreciate and be attracted to you. Otherwise he won’t understand your inherent value.  Therefore you are never to bow down to a man’s level. Instead he must be motivated by the Queen in you to rise into his divine King throne, and join you in a place where you can honor and serve him.

You being Queen is the only invitation he needs. You can’t honor or serve a man who doesn’t want, understand and delight in the honor of being with you.


Kissy 💋