Billionaire Tyler Perry Opens Up About Midlife Crisis and Not Being Able To Find A Wife

by | Love & Relationships

Tyler Perry confessed to being single and going through a mid-life crisis on social media today.

I noticed that many men took the opportunity to complain about women in reference to a post.

They stated that women are so bad that an 8 Figure man can’t find a black woman to spend his life with.

Here is what many don’t understand.  Not being able to find love is a problem that doesn’t escape the wealthy.

In fact the more wealthy a man is the more he distrusts people, and the more he spends his time working.

Wealth also doesn’t mean that you’ve healed your relationship trauma.

People like Tyler Perry are called to mate with a soulmate. Until he find that person he will continue to seek what’s missing.

I would love to work with Tyler Perry and help him manifest his soulmate.  Many of my millionaire clients weren’t finding anyone on their frequency before they met me, and then BOOM, suddenly their soulmate appears.

HEALING is necessary for everyone.

What are your thoughts?