A lot of men know how to GET a woman, but even less know how to KEEP a woman.

There are women who will take anything, and don’t have high expectations. Then there are women who highly value themselves, know their worth, and aren’t taking shorts from any man.

These are the women that a man not only has to provide for, but he has to cover her.

There are lots of men who will pay your bills. Even more will give you money. But only so few men know how to completely COVER their woman.

Providing for a woman is all about covering her mentally, physically, spiritually, financially and emotional.  In her core a woman has deep needs. A man must be able to understand her.  He has to know her better than he knows herself.  He has to know how to guide her mind.

A man that covers his woman, can make her light up, without even touching her.

In order to be that kind of man, a man must have a DEEP understanding of women. That takes a man with heart and vision.

Where most men go wrong is that they don’t have heart. They’re not in a relationship with a woman they’re deeply in love with.

Money can’t buy you love. But it can buy you ACCESS to love. But to actually GET the love, one has to operate from the heart.

In this life, material possessions are only energy particles just like anything else. But the heart, is he connection to the soul.

When a woman actually has an amazing man, she is going to say to herself “Lord. Where did this man come from?”  He’s going to cover her in so many areas, that she won’t know what hit her.   A good man makes a woman operate in a state of total gratitude and surrender. It’s not by force. It’s by choice of what is.