A lot of us come into this world, naturally being a highly loving person. We want to love people. We don’t want to cause them to experience any trauma or drama.

Yet, no matter how loving you are, and how much you believe in love, someone will and probably has showed up to hurt you and break your heart.

When I first had my spiritual awakening and began to study the arts of the Universe, I came across many spiritual coaches who preached detachment, letting feelings pass and showing no feelings or emotions in any way when it came to the behaviors of your partner.

I’ve heard women say “Rather we stay together or not. I’ll be fine.”

In my head I was like “That couldn’t be real love.”

In spirituality most people will teach you to not respond to the behaviors of others and that other people will often disappoint you.

Everything is about not feeling and not reacting.

That is said to be a healthy way of being in a relationship.

On the other end there is the saying to not judge people or your, mate and to love them unconditionally. Love them unconditionally because everyone is simply a soul having a human experience.

People do the best they can and make decisions based upon what they feel is best for them.

Knowing all of this I realize love more than anything is merely a CHOICE.

It’s a choice to open yourself up, to allow yourself to be vulnerable and susceptible to the emotions of love.

In the spiritual realm, we are constantly told to control your emotions. Men often expect women to control their emotions and have a monotone set of emotions. Which is why the average man will never truly be loved.

And without love you can’t birth God’s purpose for your life. You can become wealthy without love, but not the kind of wealthy your soul seeks.

For your soul desires to experience the most immense forms of love.

We are constantly telling women to raise their standards and raise their values.

What we don’t tell them is that most men simply won’t be able to appease those new standards, so patience definitely becomes a virtue.

What we don’t tell the people who have been traumatized by getting in a relationship with someone they thought would give them love, we tell them that they didn’t love themselves, and that’s why they attracted such a toxic or negative relationship.

I don’t think the majority of society recognizes the purity of love and the individuals who are able to display it.

Some of us were born to love, and it’s our responsibility to heal from the trauma and return to love. It’s our responsibility to imagine the beauty of love we once believed we would experience.