The More You Do Life YOUR Way, The Happier You’ll Be

by | Confidence & Self-Love

The greatest illusion of them all is that you have to sacrifice on the art of being you.  That’s where you went left at.

You felt like you had to sacrifice with half a man.

You felt like you had to play dumb and watch a man lead you into chaos, when you saw where it was going the whole time.

The lie that you told yourself, that you just couldn’t be right. You wanted to think positive…

Which caused the lack of gratitude you felt for yourself, cause how can you be happy when you chose such a bad man who can’t make a decision about you. Or he talks, but his actions don’t walk towards marrying you.

It’s not what you want.

You know you deserve better.  He could be better. If he really wanted to.

The guilt you have of letting go, because he threw you crumbs of him, and in that moment it seemed like A LOT to you.

At any time you are fully capable of calling in your dream life.

You are fully capable of walking away from a man who does not serve your highest good right now.

Funny how you would do it, if it were your business. You make sure that goes right.

But when it comes to men, it’s back to b.s. and sacrifice.

It’s exactly what you called in. Because YOU ARE NOT READY.

Would you like to get ready and finally call in the life of your dreams in business and relationships?

Love is a beautiful thing. But you’l never feel a greater love than loving yourself enough to GET WHAT YOU WANT.

Can you see yourself walking out the house, calling in a new squad of men who are READY!

Can you see your business flowing in money every day, on a consistent basis, payment after payment in large amounts?

IF that’s what you want, then today is a good day to make it happen.

You’ll be A LOT happier for it.

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