Everything you want out of life is connected to the heart. But because of your past pain, your heart is exactly what you run from. You run to work…. 🏃🏽‍♂️You can’t work your way to where you’re going sweetie. You gotta embody it. 💃 You can’t run away from what you are.

You gotta pick up love on the way there. It’s already encoded into your journey. ✅

Pause for a second. Create some space for it. 🎁 Receive it. 😜

There you Go! You’re doing such a great job. ❤️

Who knew it could be so easy. 💜

#KissyTaughtThem #FinalDestination #LoveOverFear

This excludes highly dysfunctional relationships. In that case hit the escape button. Run for the hills. Run like Forrest and don’t look back. Run. Run. Say phuck your heart. Switch to logic over emotions.  Choose to ground all the way into loving yourself.