Did you ever think you would leap this far?

by | The Journey

Did you ever think you would leap this far?

To actually do it?

I mean to actually jump?

Did you ever truly see yourself like going all in?  Probably not. You just saw yourself at the end. You wanted it. The good parts of it. But not the rest of it. 

You kinda caved into fear. Back when you didn’t know how to control your life. Now you know it simply goes with the flow of what you already know you want. 

So now you’re in flow, doing what you know you must, and it’s getting kind of funny, how once you finally did it, took the leap, despite the fear, and then dropped the fear, it was more than worth it to get it to come to you the way you wanted it to. 

Cray, cray. It was just a matter of picking up your mat and walking. 

Welcome to 5D.