A man who doesn’t understand that he is to LEAD a woman, is a no go.

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A wise man simply can’t sit around blaming a woman for not “acting right.”

Men lead. Women follow. When a man shows up as a woman’s Dream Man, she then feels comfortable and submits to his LEADERSHIP.

The first thing a woman looks for is safety through love and financial support.  A man who shows up without PROVIDING those two things, is asking to be unloved and disrespected.  

Many a low vibration man complains about not wanting to meet a woman’s standards, and then saying she’s the one with the problem because he has to reach too far. He dislikes the fact that she feels too highly about herself.  Which starts the process of dimming her light and asking her to come DOWN to his vibration. 

A wise man would never waste his time with a woman that he is not wowed by. A wise man knows that a woman he’s not wowed by, will eventually cease to be wowed by him.  It’s nearly impossible for a man to keep a high value woman, if he doesn’t value her. 

However many man believe that he can.  Many men approach women as “Friends” then expect her to fall in love with him.   Instead a high value woman will date other men who set the INTENTION of actually getting to know her in order to date her. 

Being friends first is a statement that many don’t quite understand.  When you meet a man, there should be some type of sexual chemistry present. A woman simply can’t marry a man because he is “nice” or for the simple fact that he is a provider.  Although many women do just that, they are blocking themselves and their partners from experiencing divine love. 

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It’s a must that you be WOWED by your mate. It’s a must that you be turned on by your mate. Lack of sexual attraction leads to lack of a pleasurable relationship.  It’s not all about pleasure but ATTRACTION plays a major part in maintaining the relationship. 
How can one expect to maintain a relationship that they don’t value?

🤷‍♀️ Many men avoid the mirror of truth, while only noticing that women avoid their own truths.

The truth is no one roots for a woman with a settle for less man.  The minute a woman ends up with a man who doesn’t treat her like a Queen, she essentially must take her crown off, and lower her self-esteem.  

It’s embarrassing for a woman have a man that she can’t brag about.   She would be lead to to hide the fact that her man encourages her to feel less than, by not showing up for her.

This is why little boys need to see their mother being treated well. Men from households who didn’t see their mother’s loved, often call women wounded, not understanding that all that woman is doing is reflecting his same trauma back to him.

People literally must address trauma head on in relationships and learn to work through it. 

Instead of a man looking at a woman for what she’s doing wrong, he should look at himself to see how he can fix what’s wrong inside himself.  He should analyze his own leadership or lack there of. 

It’s quite selfish for a man to chase a woman, expect her to commit and submit to him, if he isn’t interested in doing the work of being her dream man. Such a man’s deepest desire is to date  a high value woman who doesn’t love herself, enough to get what she wants.  Such a man wants her to climb down off the top, because he doesn’t feel you’re strong enough, or feel that she is worthy enough of the chase. Yes he wants her presence in his life.

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Doesn’t that sound confusing? Yet such a man acts surprised when the woman becomes confused and pulls away from him.

Why go after a woman who doesn’t inspire you to be a better man? What do you want her for then? To cook, clean and sex you? Women are not robots.

Why chase a woman who you feel is not worthy of your best? Why are you so okay with not being your best? Who raised you to show up average or mediocre? Sir, money alone does not make you a good man.

In that case why not you go first and settle for less, by marrying a woman who doesn’t know how to read…

She’ll feel like less than you, so yeah, you won’t have to jump through hoops.

You’re never going to win as a man fighting for your limitatons and being okay with being NO ONE’S dream man.

Don’t you want your woman to love the very soul of you?

Why would you be okay with your woman watching other women with dope men… Meanwhile she has to come home to you and know deep down in her soul, the she settled for less, and her husband is not all that.

Couldn’t be me. I’d rather the MVP.

Some of ya’ll want trophy performances in bed, yet you’re not playing to win. Get the Book…. Learn the way of KINGS.

I think every man should find a woman who adores him, and just outright be a good man to her and see how that works out for you.

But remember it’s all about what she wants. Would you go in the Louis store and expect to walk out with a new pair of sneakers for a discounted price?

Nope you wouldn’t… But somehow you expect to get a good woman with a thrift store mindset.

Self-Accountability for women includes only dating men who are serious about you. If they want to be friends with BENEFITS, then a woman needs to tell him the benefit SHE WANTS. 

Nothing feels more embarrassing to a woman that dealing with a man who doesn’t want to be with her. So why do that to yourself? Why allow a confused man to dim your joy like that?