As a woman it’s important to PROTECT YOUR ENERGY.

Sometimes you’ll meet men who will randomly give you advice without you asking. Then they turn around and EXPECT or ALMOST demand that you give to them.

That’s spiritual robbery. A Goddess is a blessing to all those who encounter her.

You bless people simply by ALLOWING them to talk to your. What you value from a man is something you can hold in your hand and SEE. That multiplies your desire for him.

When you’re in this natural RECEIVING state is when you operate best.  Men who can’t RECEIVE your divine energy drain you, because they want you to give to them.  Other unaligned men drain your energy because to increase their own vibration.  When you were with such a man suddenly things may have stopped going as well for you. You probably blamed it on life circumstances, but it was HIM.   A man holds more density than a woman does. One who isn’t feeding life and love into you, in order to prosper you will drain you, and is also wasting his time.  A man gets from a woman exactly what he puts into her plus 5 times more.  

When you’re a spiritual woman he gets your ENERGY & ABUNDANCE regardless. That’s the magic of you.  You multiply a man times 10, not matter what. 

Then when you let go of a man who doesn’t treat you like a Queen, you drop dead weight and rise even higher.   Because you now fly FREE.  The man for you wants to see all of your dreams come true.

In addition, no one has to tell me you give back to them. You are a natural giver. You love to give and receive.

What people often don’t realize is that sometimes you just play cute. You are real life brilliant. However when you have a conversation, you simply don’t feel a need to show it off. You just talk and ALLOW people to converse with you.

Personally you would rather someone do for you because they want to. Not because they feel like they owe you something.

You truly understand the art of giving and receiving. But what people don’t understand is THE ART OF DEALING WITH A GODDESS.

You have recently been forced to step up and truly own the fullness of your power. You’ve learned to stop over-giving to people and blessing them with things they can’t even comprehend.

For instance, the other day I was at the grocery store… People just stop in the aisles and talk to me. I am aware that I have a healing presence. So when people talk to me I smile and allow them to talk and be in my SPACE. I didn’t fee like that was harmful to me in any way. People leave my presence so happy, delighted and in HIGH spirits. 😉

Later on when I got home, I noticed my energy was DRAINED. I finally noticed that I was giving my spiritual energy to perfect strangers with nothing in return for it, other than to see the joy on their faces… I was sacrificing myself for perfect strangers and believed that to be a “good” thing. People really can sense LIGHTS. You have to protect your energy, and sometimes you may have to ignore people, even though you really want to respond.

Before you give your energy out, ask yourself if it’s worth it. I’ve learned to keep my cup full and disperse my VALUABLE energy to friends, family, loved ones and clients who need me.

Chances are it’s pretty difficult for you to own your worth like that. Chances are you still believe you must DO, in order to be a valuable woman. That would be you blatantly ignoring your gifts.

We don’t all live in the same realm. 🔮💎🧬 You know this, but for some reason, you want to fit in, and be normal. 💜