I am one of those women who doesn’t like dating multiple men.  I am perfectly fine with meeting one guy and sticking with him.  After all it took me years to finally meet ONE man that I actually like a whole lot. So I know what I want when I find it. 

However, I am a clear case of why that behavior tends to backfire on a woman.

Here are 3 Reasons Why Women Need To Date Multiple Men

Men do not take women serious when he is her only romantic interest. He does not find value in a woman who doesn’t value herself enough to have multiple men pursuing her. 

1. A woman who sits at home on her laptop working, focused on building her empire, not needing attention from more than one man, is not very attractive to 97% of men.  They want the woman who is actively dating and living her best life, without focusing on him or paying him much attention. 

2. Secondly, when a woman only dates one man, she is dooming herself to HIS opinions of her and her life will reflect that experience. 

If he’s  a 50/50 man chances are unless a woman is cooking, cleaning, being submissive, bending over backwards, and telling him he’s the greatest thing since self-baked sacrifice, he will have complaints about her. 

I am one of those hard-headed women so I tested out lots of the principles  in the book YOU CAN’T FORCE A MAN TO VALUE YOU or I watched other amazing women’s experiences.


Man #1 who is on team 50/50 / take what you can get from a woman. 

 –  This man complained about me from day one. He said he didn’t trust people and that people had to earn their way in. He never gave me $1, and all he did was complain about me. Meanwhile I healed him from heartbreak and got him feeling REALLY GOOD about himself.  

He said that I was a woman who had every quality a man could want. Yet, he never provided for me and continued to complain about me.  He told me that I needed to be a better woman and DO more for him.  I cried and told him about my needs, to which he ignored me. 

Man #2 – Who is a PROVIDER 

  • This man told me that I am a Goddess and that I needed to embrace that.  This man provided for my needs right away.  When I cried telling him about my needs, he provided even more and told me that he wanted to be the King for me.  
  • He thought me to be an amazing woman and asked to marry me.  At the same time Man #1 who wasn’t providing continued to complain about me, telling me that I wasn’t marriage material…  

Let’s repeat this so that you get this. The man who PROVIDED for me, wanted to marry me.  The man who didn’t provide for me said I wasn’t good enough to even be in a relationship with him and wanted me to DO MORE. Man #1 also couldn’t feel my ENERGETIC presence. But Man #2 could see the God in me and simply wanted my presence for life. 

That experience is what healed me and made me start choosing provider men.  

Here is another example:

This stat came up today on Facebook and it triggered a hilarious memory. 

😂😂😂 Funny story. That man never took me serious. One day he walked up to the gate to get in the building. A man was standing at the gate. The man was on speakerphone with a woman asking for the gate code. He recognized the woman’s voice and instantly got pissed off.

He then rudely pushes past the man to enter the gate code.

5 minutes later I get a text saying “I guess I am not good enough for you. I see you like ballers. I live downstairs from you, and you’ve never even invited me up to your condo.”

As if it was my fault all he ever wanted to talk about was sex, that he never got from me.

As if it was my fault that another man had enough sense to take me serious.

That man was my new boyfriend at the time. We had a good laugh at how the dumb man downstairs, never got to know me. Didn’t know that I was a badd azz boss chick. Didn’t know that I was a geek.  He only knew me to be a sweet, pleasant, attractive, feminine woman, who he wanted to phuck. 

He didn’t even qualify to phuck me. But because I talked to him from time to time, he thought he was good enough for me. 

Now had I only been entertaining him, I would’ve probably spent years not being taken serious. 

That same man stays inboxing me on my fanpage, asking if he can see me.  But look how he treated me when he had my attention, YEARS ago. 

3. Dating multiple men gives a woman the opportunity to meet a man who actually values her.

You Can’t Force A Man To Value You is a book you need. You need this book more than you need a pair of $1400 Louboutin heels. Heck this book will help you attract a man who will buy those shoes for you anyway.  And if you can’t afford to buy them yourself, it will also teach you how to become a woman who can afford whatever she wants, so you don’t have to settle for less.