You’re Waiting On Your King: The Real Reason So Many Queens Are Single

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“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

I saw a great article circulating this morning about women accepting the bare minimum from a man.  As I was sharing the article on my personal page, I of course was going into a long spill that would’ve wound up a whole blog post, so here we are….

Currently I’m single.  Noting that I’m a social media star who often uses my life lessons to teach others, it’s not surprising when people comment on my life, in judgement of me.

Many people often comment on the fact that I’m single.  100% of the time, those people are not millionaires. Millionaires who vibrate on my level already know why I’m single.  If it’s a man he usually tries to shoot his shot.

Currently I’m going through a spiritual transformation and I’m doing a great deal of shedding from my past life. That’s not something the common person can identify with. Nor is it enjoyable to speak about the darkness that one must walk through in order to get to the light.  But what I’m about to say next, you must take it into understanding and apply it to your own life.   I’m single for 2 reasons.

1. My dream guy has yet to show up.  I believe that love is a fairytale that truly happens. I believe in the beauty of it, I believe in deep soul connections. I believe in the smiles, the warm feelings, and the closeness and familiarity that two souls feel when they meet and wonder where has each other been their whole lives.  That moment two people kiss, fall in love and then suddenly the whole world, and their journey of life makes sense.

Many men have shown up to pursue me. 5 Figure Men, 6 Figure men, and 7 Figure men too. They are Doctors, Lawyers, Motivational speakers, brilliant business owners, regular guys… Many men. They all see something deep within me that they know will change their life. But they don’t know what it is… They can’t quite identify with it. So they’ve each pursued me in the most basic manner possible. They show me the bare minimum. Behavior that they feel is impressive…  

Most successful men are accustomed to women liking them and chasing them based upon their accolades.  Many don’t know how to connect to the soul of a woman, because they’ve never had to.   Their money and success speaks for them. These kind of men will do one small thing for you, and think they’ve given you the world. Meanwhile other men find their dream girl and set out to give her the world.  Her happiness becomes an innate desire of his.

There is a certain trigger that alters a man when he meets the woman of his dreams. He pursues her relentlessly, until he gets her. He knows, like he knows, that’s the one he wants.  He then becomes the man of her dreams, and the fairytale begins. This requires a great deal of ROMANCE. Romance is much apart of every Queen’s dream. 

Many men aren’t aware of this. They are mostly focused on them and what’s outside of them…  But the key to a woman is giving her want she wants. She will then submit to you…


A Queen wants a King. She desires a man who is way better than average. She wants a man who protects her and makes her feel safe. She wants to feel like she’s special to him.  To make her feel this way a man must first and foremost provide for her. A Queen can never feel safe with a man who doesn’t provide. Even if she has her own, she has to feel like she’s doing it just because it makes her happy, not because she has to in order to survive in life. She wants a man who feeds her soul, both mentally and sexually.  A Queen has to be fed in more than one way. Most men are simply used to being providers and covering that lane. But she needs more than that, because her deepest desire is real, deep love.  Gold diggers just want a man who will provide. They don’t have any qualifications besides that.

This should be easy for men to understand, as how many do you hear say “Just being pretty isn’t good enough.  You have to be more than that.”  Men want a well-rounded woman who delights him physically, mentally, spiritually, sexually, and in the kitchen too. So why would he not realize that he has to be well-rounded too?

love quotes king and queen

Relationships are all about giving and receiving. In order to get what you want from a woman you must pour into her. She’s like an empty box. Whatever you put into that box is what you will get back from her. Not only will you receive it back in abundance.  As a woman multiplies everything you give her.  If you give her hell, she will give you hell back multiplied. If you give her joy, she will give that same joy back to you over and over again.

Now when it comes to a Queen, she will only allow her dream man to fill up that box. So you have to figure out what her dreams are.. Start with the basics. Figure out what her current needs are, and fulfill them.  That’s a great start. Then she will not be afraid to be vulnerable enough to open herself up and tell you the rest. You will then have the keys to unlock that woman…  The thing is bad men tend to know this information, which is why they also tend to get all of the good women.  They put in more work than the average man. They go hard in the paint from day one. For it’s a sport for him to unlock women, just to later break her down, or break her heart, just because he felt like it. He enjoys the power, and treats her the way he sees himself. 

Queens are aware of the power transfer, and simply will only allow a King into their space.  She already tried with the court jesters and got stung. There are different levels of Kings… Some men are the King of the hood. Others King of corporate America, and others are the King of their world… You have to be a King on her level…  Her level is not the man who comes with the bare minimum nor the man who doesn’t respect her. 

Now let me tell you about the women who aren’t aware.. Non aware women date men and accept the bare minimum from them. All a man has to do is say he likes her and that she’s pretty. Get her to grin and she’s in…just like that. She’s good with receiving mere crumbs.. They hit me up asking for free relationship advice, and say they can’t afford my consultation fee.  (Dear Kissy letters are always fine. I’m speaking of 1 on 1 deep advice.) Not being able to afford my consultation fee is the first sign that they are in a bare minimum relationship.  Either it’s not worth them investing in themselves to finally get the answers they’ve sought after years of pain, suffering, and not being whole-heartedly loved, because they don’t love themselves. Or they don’t feel like the relationship is worth it, because they don’t truly love themselves.  Real love provides abundance.  A woman glows like the sun when a man is treating her right. She’s capable of  accomplishing amazing things when she’s being loved. Which is why I look at married women sideways when their finances are lacking. Yet a single boss chick is out in the world living her best life… (think) Sex with a man who truly loves you is some empowering sh*t! Lets just be honest.  

Marriage is about building wealth. A wealth of love and growth together.  Two people working as a team. Yet many find themselves in relationships with people who are playing on other teams. So lack rears it’s ugly head in the relationship.

Everything comes down to self-love.  Often when we don’t have what we want it’s due to a lack of self-love and a lack of feeling worthy.  People have a lot of healing to do.

But back to the Queens who desire an amazing King, yet don’t have one. Here are the more deeper reasons why you haven’t attracted that man into your life yet.  At least one of these blocks applies to you.

  1. You’re not vibrating love
  2. You are vibrating lower than your worth
  3. You don’t feel worthy or good enough
  4. You believe you have to be perfect before you can receive unconditional love
  5. You lack love for self
  6. You’re emotionally hurting and suppressing it

There’s nothing to feel bad about. Life is a learning journey of discovering yourself.

For highly spiritual women I also know that part of your problem is that you are so swiftly evolving that you barely know who you are anymore.  In the middle of that you have to forgive yourself for the past, forgive others who hurt you, let go of it all and give yourself permission to love yourself unconditionally.  You must give yourself permission to live an abundant life filled with love, wellness and consciousness.

You must break down all of those walls that’s stopping true love from finding you. The moment you reach that point, your King will come. 

So my reason #2 for being single is that I still have more work to do on my inner self. I vibrate beautifully with love. I give love. I give lots of love in abundance. My followers inbox me daily to tell me how much i’ve changed their life and how much they love me.

I must learn to receive that love. Too much humility is not a good thing… As a light worker you must know what it is that you do, and be accepting of yourself.  You must start to receive that you are only getting back from people what you are putting out.  It’s okay to know that you are a truly, deeply, beautiful person.  You have to learn to love and accept your soul.

Love yourself for who you are. Love yourself for being the amazing person that you are.

Here are 2 of my favorite songs. Listen to them.

P.S. Ladies, don’t give up. It’s real. I know it’s real, cause I receive messages like the ones below from men all day, every day. These two are the ones I received today. I wake up to an abundance of  love. 💜

A third man who adores me sent me this video today… It’s Deep!

And just incase that’s not enough. Here’s another song.

I rest my case.