Your setback is just a setup for an even greater comeback… 7 Figure Game

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Back when I was down, I had written on a piece of paper, “This is just a setback for an even greater comeback.” Three days later I told a friend what I was going through and he said “Don’t worry. This is a setback for a greater comeback.” This was when I first got deep into God. I started to notice alignment. Back then it seemed like coincidences. I didn’t even know what the word alignment meant unless you were speaking about maintenance on a car. But I knew it was a confirmation. 1 year later I was making 6 Figures.

Keep that same faith on the way to 7 Figures. Building a business takes steps and strategy. When you understand that it gets easier.

If you’ve been trying to push to seven and you’re stuck at six figures and don’t know why, it’s lack of strategy.

When you want a miracle you have to BE the miracle. You finding and implementing a strategy and believing in yourself, dropping your money beliefs that money is hard to make, is what you must do.

At one point I was making $2,000 a month, while helping someone else make $100K a month in their business. 🙃😏😳

All I was doing was teaching him to blog. Same thing I was doing. In fact I was writing the blogs that he was making money from.

What was the difference between me and him?

He believed that he could make $100K per month, because he’d made lots of money before. He told me blogging was the easiest money he’d ever made. It was. He wrote NONE of the articles… He also believed that money is easy to make. AT the time I thought money was hard to make.

I had to release that belief. Then i started having $20K plus months… Then I wanted more….. So what did I do? Release more beliefs. To open myself up to receiving.

The same belief system that got you to 6 Figures won’t get you to 7. Go deeper…. Have more faith. Surrender

Your setback is a sit-down moment to help you step your mind game up. That is all! Time to manifest. 

Love You. 😘💋