As many of you may know I kind of quit my job as a Celebrity Blogger a year ago, and became a Dream Life coach. But I’m not really a life coach. I’m a Dream Activator who mixes spirituality with strategy.

Now I’m a consultant for high performing entrepreneurs and CEOs. I help them master social media, brand themselves, establish themselves as a leader, build a following, and create a 6 Figure business from either writing or becoming a life coach/consultant. Which makes people happy, because they want to live the life of their dreams and walk in their purpose.

Living the life of your dreams requires 3 things. 

1. You must have a connection to your soul through spirituality

2. You must know your purpose for being here on earth, and have a plan to carry out the mission.

3. You must connect with your soulmate in order to have a deep connection that evolves the soul in ways people in dysfunctional relationships can’t imagine.  In order to attract such a mate you must know how to have a healthy relationship. 

One thing I have noticed about most of my clients, is that they are single. Some because they spend all of their time working and others because they simply don’t know how to attract what it is they seek. 

Most recently a few women in my Soul Mate Charm School group, stated that men seem to only use them for sex. 

Quite often I use myself as an example to teach others.  Here is my response to those women. Hopefully it helps other women also. 


If men are just using you for sex, chances are you’re ignoring clear signs that tell you they don’t take you serious. If I were to go hang out in the projects, those men would not take me serious. They would have no clue what to do with me. A 9-5 man or a 50/50 man, has no clue what to do with me either. In my experience he would try to domesticate me and make me less powerful.

A man who appreciates me is an entrepreneur who is spiritual, high vibe, 5D, and wants to spend his life making lots of money, living in his purpose,  establishing a philanthropic foundation, and traveling the world with his soulmate. This type of man also immediately seeks to uplevel me and capture me upon first sight of me.

A 4D man will look at me for my looks, he will appreciate a little of my smarts, but he will be more focused on himself, what I can do for him, and miss out on the beauty of my spirituality and how I can help him to create a massive empire, on top of all the good sensual feminine qualities that I offer. He would spend his time waiting on me to prove myself to him, while the 5D man can already see my spirit and loves me almost instantaneously. He sees my soul…

It took me A LONG TIME to discover what kind of man is for me. This is what you have to do for yourself in order to cut out on the chaos and to stop wasting your time. I know if a man is for me within a few days of talking to him… I know by the way he treats me and the things he says about me.

The wrong man would use Michelle Obama or Oprah or sex. It’s simply his mindset.  A valuable woman may not be valuable to him, because he can’t see outside of his focus zone or limited thought process…  Meghan Markle is literally married to a Prince. However I can imagine how many foolish men only saw her as a sexual conquest…

The right man for you, sees you at your highest self. Figure out who is attracted to you and see who seems to treat you the best.

If you’re on a laptop, CLICK HERE to learn how to Use Social Media To Manifest Your Soulmate. 

For 1 on 1 relationship consultations and to bring your soul into alignment with the life of your dreams, you can email me or inbox me on any of my Facebook pages. 

As a life coach I’ve discovered that there is a solution for every problem. It’s best to invest in yourself, so that you won’t have the same problem 5-years from now. Coaches specialize in what they know how to do best. 

I know: 1. How to make money 2. How to use social media to build a cult like following, and build a 6 Figure Business. 3. I know how to attract love to me and keep a man interested and in love with me. 

I’m also an expert at aligning high performing, spiritual entrepreneurs, with their soul’s purpose.   Spend some time getting to know yourself.

P.S. You are definitely partially responsible for attracting such men. You’re dealing with feelings of inadequacy that must be healed.