People will always hate you for being great

by | The Journey

I’ve been on the internet so long, that I could be like good ole Bush and say I invented it.

I’ve been a model, a Facebook advocate, a celebrity blogger and now a life coach. In each position my purpose was and still is a a great desire to help others live their best life.

But no matter if I showed up as my bold, brave, super-confident, feisty self, or remained cool and humble, there would be haters on the other side. Now that I’ve ascended to light, I feel some empathy for the dark souls who attempt to tear others down or stop people from having an opinion.  At the same time, I don’t. For while I can take all the sticks and stone thrown at me and have built a beautiful empire with each cherry brick, other people aren’t so strong.

I watched a coach in my friends list break down crying last night, because of someone online bullying her. This woman is beautiful on the inside and the outside. She speaks of God, and has a mission to uplift others.

I made it my business to uplift her and tell her she’s awesome.

I get attacks too. I ban people from one Facebook page and they then move to my other pages, and then create fake pages to pester me after that. It’s insanity. You would think I was a celebrity on tv already.  Sometimes they even come back years later like  “Hi Kissy.” trying to be friends. You know why? Because I never stop slaying. I rise!

I still remember my first obsessed superfan. He would send me thousands of dollars and go out of his way to spy on me online. Good ole Tonio… At the time i wondered why anyone would be so obsessed with a normal human being. But people being obsessed with me became the norm over the years. You don’t have to be a celebrity or be on tv to be great. You already are who you are. All a celebrity is, is someone who has millions of people who celebrate them. However social media influencers now have that same power.  You’re not great if it doesn’t come with hate.  Beyonce gets hated on, so does Oprah, Ellen Degenres and Jesus. Why should you be any different?

Take it from me, there is no point of being super nice hoping people will like you. People who are for you will love you regardless.  Your true tribe recognizes your value.  My following is cult-like. If you mess with me, that might come for your throat. They don’t play about their Kissy Denise.  You see on the other side of specs of hate are loads of love from people who live, value and appreciate you.

Stand in your power. There is no other option. Even if you try not to, the universe will smack you. Please stop wasting your time worrying about what these people think of you. Please stop hiding your gifts because you’re afraid of the attacks. God gave you a voice, a vision and a purpose. People are crying, on the bathroom floor crying, stressed out, looking for answers that God has placed inside of you.

The moment you stop being afraid to speak truths they need to hear, yes haters will come at your throat, for forcing them to think and see a new truth, that goes against who they believed they  were. Opening people’s eyes causes them to become furious. It’s a fight or flight defense.

Being a public figure light worker is a humble job. It almost feels sacrificial. That’s why you must have bullet-proof confidence before you step out into the battle field to do the job God called you to do. Submit to God, not to the haters. Don’t cower. Become more powerful. Otherwise you will allow them to talk you out of your destiny. (It gets better.)

Every time I even try to humble my ego like society says, people start picking at me, reminding me of who TF I AM.

Social media is my playground. Brand after brand, after brand. No matter what brand I build, they will come, because I stay authentic. I honestly thought I would be mostly ignored by haters as a life coach. But greatness is never ignored darling. 💜 A star is a star no matter what you do. You can never stop being you.

Your power and gifting is 100% inside of you. It’s not outside of you. Make yourself so irresistible that even your haters can’t get enough of you. Star power is money power. You create wealth by being your brand.

Keep slaying  with knowledge, love, light and truth.

Everything you go through, is all preparation…. Preparation for a bigger stage. It’s not happening to you, it’s happening for you and will serve your greater good.

And remember: Everything you want is on the other side of fear. I promise it’s better on the other side.

Written with Love,

Kissy 😘

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