If you ask me what do I do, at the moment I would have a hard time telling you (my mentor has this in her course, whenever I study it). If you ask my clients what do I do for them, they will tell you that I do a bunch of things, and that you simply need to buy in and you’ll get what you need.
I’m both a spiritual healer and The Goddess of Love & Motivation. I’m also the Masterpiece and an Elite spiritual branding coach. I could also be labeled the Queen of social media. I’m also the real Queen of Confidence. I’m intuitive. I give you the things you need.
But what I am absolutely a master at is Magnetic Attraction. Whatever it is I want out of life, I will eventually attract it. The rate depends on how often I focus on it. If I really want to go party with a billionaire on a yacht, somehow it will happen. The Universe will see to it.
A lot of people you want things out of life, but what you don’t realize is that the energy and branding you put out into the world actually repels what it is you seek. Your behavior and words are opposite to what it is you seek. You say you want $5 Million in the bank, yet you keep talking about lack. You say you want love, but you don’t work to embody it. You say you want an high value mate, yet you display low value thoughts. Or when love shows up you have a hard time receiving it. You don’t know how to appreciate it. You have a hard time showing others love. You often feel pings of jealousy when you see others winning. This repels your own win.
You say you want to build a multi-million brand, but you listen to the people who tell you that you want too much out of life.
Some of you are like me. You’re 5D AF, but you stay trying to communicate with 3D. You’re constantly lowering your vibration, trying to be “normal” You’re either going to be normal or you’re going to be great. Pick One.
You say you want opportunity, but when it finally shows up you’re too afraid to go after what you want.
You allow your shadows to keep playing out your life for you. You allow your shadow beliefs to hold you back from moving into the life you desire.
You keep playing that retired azz 8-track tape that says you’re not good enough, you’re not smart enough, you’re not pretty enough.
Your enoughness is always in question. You say you want apples but you’re planting orange seeds.
You don’t understand that you will reap fruit of the seeds what you sow.
You can’t talk negative and expect to live a positive life. You can’t talk defeat and expect to have victory. You can’t talk lack, not enough, can’t afford it, can’t get ahead and expect to have abundance. If you have a poor dialect you’ll have a poor life.
You’ll continue to prophesy the same storyline, keeping that same tape going. You continue to focus on what you don’t have.
The truth is you already have everything that you want. Open up and receive it. Put your actions in alignment with what you say and believe to be true for yourself.
In a way, I talk you into being the greatest you. I stop you from calling in defeat. I reroute you to mthfking victory!
Speak life to yourself. Your words will become your reality.