This has stopped many a great man from finding a good woman

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A lot of men, you want this amazing azz woman. But the truth is at your core, you really don’t know how to be an amazing azz man. You don’t know how to be a man she can be proud of. Mostly due to your behavior. But you know you’re fully capable of being such a man. It’s not even that you haven’t tried. You tried with the wrong one.

What’s stopping you is that you blame everything on women, but very little blame on yourself. Half of your problems come from you falling in love with a basic bish who dogged you out. She blinded you… You no longer know what to focus on. You thought she was a baddie, but chances are if you stand her next to me, she’ll be invisible. She was only a baddie to you, because she showed signs of not wanting you. She fooled you.

You say you want a good woman, and I keep telling you these super beautiful, brilliant boss chicks, are the good women your heart desires. But each time, you get her confused with the brains of an instagram model.

Now you’re like “I’ve been through so much.” You’re too scared and too tired to do what it takes to get a high value woman. Where is your strength at bro? Are you really going to let a basic bish drain you for the best of you? Even worse, due to you being used to basic bishes, you don’t know how to treat an actual good woman on the level you seek. You now think everything is about you. You’ve picked up her selfish traits. You’re always looking to see you can receive, instead of what you can put into her.

So now your dysfunctional, often basic, unexciting behavior, bores the sh*t out of amazing women. Back you go with the rest of the fish who think they are the sh*t. Looking for something that you don’t even have the sense to see. You see what you let that girl do to you?

It’s all because you keep allowing fear to run your storyline. She turned you into a scared little boy who believes he has no control. That he’ll never find what he wants. Aren’t you tired of that story already? Meanwhile, the men who are 1/12 of your worth, have already moved on and found a new one.

You’re hurt, you know your value. But what good is all of that value if you’re just going to walk around by yourself, without a Queen? You’re supposed to be King. It’s who you were called to be. Somehow you forgot, cause that girl dimmed your light.

You should also know the woman is God. You can not live without her. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you’ll get your act together.

If you can’t let go of your ego personality, the awareness, nurture and companionship you seek will be stymied and held back.

But if you let go, and let God, the celestial wind will bring divine love in.

Maybe it’s time that you come up with a new plan. I can help you with that. It’s time to truly heal, and get the amazing, compassionate woman that you deserve.